Solar Financing Options: If You live in Escondido, You May Qualify for Various Financing Options!

If you live in Escondido and haven't gone solar, you're probably over-paying for your electricity. Some homeowners may feel like they can't afford solar… But even with zero money out-of-pocket, you can save money with solar. Here are just some of the many financing options: Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Homeowners in participating counties fund solar with little to no upfront cost. It's then repaid as a special assessment on your existing property tax bill. Unsecured Financing Semper Solaris offers finance via loans with low interest, fixed rates, and long payback periods. Secured Financing: Similar to unsecured financing but through a local credit union. Homeowners can use their home as collateral for the loan and get a lower interest rate. Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) A third-party installs and owns the solar system. They charge the homeowner per kWh for electricity, typically at a lower cost than the power company. For zero down. Solar Power Leasing Agreement Nearly identical to a Solar Power Purchasing Agreement. Instead of paying by kWh used, the homeowner pays a flat rate per month for the duration of the lease.

With all of these financing options available through Semper Solaris, now is the best time to go solar in Escondido. If you have a question about any of the financing options, we have knowledgeable representatives waiting to answer. Semper Solaris is your local solar company in Escondido CA.

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