Solar Company Reviews: If You’re Ready to Install Solar Panels You NEED to Hear Bill’s Story

Solar Company Reviews by Bill My name is Bill and we're here in Culver City
in our new house 2 years ago since moving to California we've been consuming almost
$350 per month in power costs Semper Solaris solar system we expect to make all of that
energy and offset that monthly power cost and pay for our system in just a matter of
a couple years when we first made contact with Semper Solaris they sent us a sales man
who explained all of the technology and we have incentives from the federal government
from the city and the energy company to help pay for the system we were just really impressed
with the quality of everyone we have been in contact with throguh out this whole design
and now installation process with the level of equipment and the technology that's available
and their service I want to support military so this is something I can do to pay them
back we're really excited about our 30 335watt panels coming in along with two Tesla Powerwalls
for backup power storage this is going to give us not just lower energy costs we're
going to appreciate the security it gives our family to be self sufficient in power
and be able to protect ourselves from whatever might be happening around us now experienced
with Semper Solaris as an installation company as well as design and technology they're tremendous
people to work with very trustworthy and we're very pleased to be working with them and look
forward to having a system that will take care of our needs for as long as we live.

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