solar Battery Charger ~ homemade SOLAR PANELS boat, home, auto, lawn machine, laptop

Hello! I'm Chris with videobreakthru Are you ready to outfit your fishing
machine with solar panels? building your own semi flexible solar panels can be easy once you know how! Build, your semi flexible solar panel with confidence! Get familiar with our
soldering techniques. Tips and tricks like, using a wood stick while soldering your tab wires to the
solar cell we can help you every step of the way
like checking proper voltages and currents. For those do it yourself – ers who are familiar with solar cells I think we're the first to make videos
of, how to build your own semi flexible solar
panels! We BOLDLY GO!…. to wear No YouTube-er…. has gone before! YouTube channel ~ solartekTV all the tips and tricks…. for successful adhesion to both cathode and anode side of the solar cells as well as…
to the solar panel.

if you're ready to make a semi flexible solar panel you have got
to watch are informational videos right here on
YouTube channel solartekTV! of course there FREE!… It's youtube!!.. just listen to this some of
this detailed commentary…….notice the wires are coming straight out… from your panel underneath that insulator.. now we have a nice insulator piece so we can put our squeeze connector
together… runs look like there coming straight out that's good… Go ahead and put your hardware together for
the machine screw… Watch our solar panel progression as we
build are semi flexible solar panels right
here in our All solar-powered workstation!!
solartekTV and here's… the MONEY SHOT!! Background: Awesome music !
WSC ~ Dubb-ya and The STONE COONS!! Watch all of our how-to videos ~ right here
on youtube channel, solartekTV I'm Chris with, video breakthrough have fun out on the water this year
and go green! and thank you for watching!.

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