Solar Basics Pt 2: How Much Energy Does One Solar Panel Produce?

one solar panel generates about one kilowatt hour a day but how much energy is in 1 kilowatt hour is it a lot or is it a little when you ride a bike you transfer power from your legs to the wheels to maintain your speed this bikes got a power meter so let's have a look at how much power I've been putting out for the last 30 seconds I've maintained about 200 watts of power and I'm naked I'd have to maintain that power for 5 hours to generate 1 kilowatt hour of energy now 1 kilowatt hour may not sound like much but believe me that's an enormous amount of energy for a human being to produce and one kilowatt hour is how much energy a solar panel on your roof on an average day in Australia will produce and to give you some perspective 1 kilowatt hour is enough energy to get my electric car about 6 kilometres that means in one year the 24 solar panels on my roof could provide enough energy to drive my car 50,000 kilometers that's the equivalent of 8,000 dollars worth of petrol those panels can produce a serious amount of energy and used smartly save some serious cash [Music] you [Music]

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