Solar 2, NYC’s First Net-Zero Energy Building

our solar system 908 planets sorry Pluto orbiting around a single giant star the Sun produces 400 trillion gigawatts of energy every second enough to power your iPod for 2.3 billion years but what are we doing the New York to harness that power New York City has always been a capital of innovation the light bulb the first power plants the world's first electricity grid now it's time for the next stage in the evolution of our city welcome to solar – a model for green building design and the first carbon-neutral net zero energy use building in New York let's back up for a second and think about the average building in Manhattan powered by fossil fuels and nuclear power 77% of New York's co2 emissions come from buildings like these making our air quality among the worst in the country now let's take a look at solar – starting with the roof this PV solar array converts the sun's energy into electricity producing up to 100,000 kilowatt hours every year in fact this roof produces enough energy to power the building and send the extra power back onto the grid that's like making popcorn for your family and having enough left over to feed everyone on your block so over the course of a year solar – is carbon footprint is essentially zero quite a difference compared to the average New York building but that's not all 20 geothermal wells tap into the planet's natural thermostat keeping things cool in the summer and warm in the winter along with a vegetative green screen never find shade and absorb co2 Solar to controls its own temperature that can easily adapt to the seasons just like all those New Yorkers Solar – is also performance based a classroom and exhibit space an eco office and a green cafe so you can drop by any time to see an exhibit take a class or just grab some fresh lemonade you can think of solar to as a little version of New York itself fueled by the imagination that has always made our city great but remember all change if I begin all the way back up here it won't happen without you you

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