for our next test as you can see I've got a couple hammers here and in this charger five the same one we've been working with see it has the scrapes on it she'll numb number two one nine nine three okay so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna hit this thing with a hammer start with a rubber mallet see what happens here ready okay yeah all right well that's probably not that hard but let's see what happens okay still runs oh yeah how about that so yeah hitting with a hammer at least a rubber mallet hasn't done any real damage so you know that's not enough so it looks I'm gonna I we got to see if we can week it really so much you take this thing I'm gonna hit it okay ready all right I'm gonna hit it right there ready oh yeah look at that okay let's see what it does now I mean if something really hard hit it let's just see what happens you know oh yeah look at that still charging

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