SHEC Energy – Most efficient solar power in the world

Saskatoon's own Scheck energy has developed what has been dubbed the world's most efficient solar thermal technology system is renowned around the world is shining the spotlight on environmentally friendly renewable energy CTV's Darcy carrier has the story The Sun has always had the potential to produce energy and after millions of years it's being harnessed through shek Energy's newest technology it may not look like much to the average person but this reactor built on results of schoeck's decade of research has the potential to power several applications and at half the cost of competing energy companies what we can do is we can collect energy from the Sun with a really very high efficiency and we can apply that energy for power generation for steam generation for a chemical processing for a number of industries the reactor also known as the solar array can produce up to 25 kilowatts of energy that's enough power for one farm hills but schoeck's technology makes it possible to produce much more we're going to be doing large-scale power generation and I guess you could say village scale power generation so we can make a system that would save you 10 kilowatts but that's as small as you'd want to go and we can make it big enough to power Saskatoon to power any major city of the world the initial cost of installing a reactor is large but once energy is being produced it costs very little because the Sun is doing the work beck says that the demand for this technology lies mostly overseas and that's because North America is still able to get its energy from non-renewable sources the problems overseas is that there's a massive lack of power massive massive lack of energy in general in countries like India in countries like Africa there's not enough power to go around and they have to rotate blackouts to keep the grid operational there are less safety concerns with solar energy compared to nuclear power when assistants begin to operate above safe range the plan simply shuts down and begins its cooling process plus there is no waste material to dispose of the only thing that can't be controlled is how long and when the Sun shines darcy carrier ctv news saskatoon

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