SHARK BiFacial Solar Panel 😍 | दुनिया का लेटेस्ट सोलर पैनल | दोनों तरफ से 550 Watt तक Power मिलेगी

Hi, friends myself Amol Anand. And you are watching loom solar video tutorial As you aware That loom solar is a solar panel manufacturing company In 2018 First time in India loom solar Launch the mono perc solar panel After 3 year's in 2021 Loom solar invested 10 crore's rupee For upgrade it's factory In 2021 we made a super high-efficiency solar panel What is a super high-efficiency panel? Today I will tell you that In 2021 loom solar launch shark solar panel 144 cells, 9bus bar, 440w solar panel launched It's new series Shark Bi-facial That solar panel generates electricity from front and back both. Shark Solar Panel India's latest technology product. It's only available in loom solar. Because loom solar invested lots of money in that solar panel production In the super high-efficiency series, there are 2 panels one is a shark and another one shark bifacial Shark bi-facial solar panel It generates electricity from both side front and back That's solar panel is 440w but if we complete the Bi-facial condition Then singal solar panel generates 550w Right now I will unbox that panel I will tell you "what is a Bi-facial panel?" And in which condition it will generate how much electricity? what is special in that panel? so that loom solar have to invest 10cr in its factory as I told you In that panel 144cells and 9bus bar are available whatever solar panel you purchased in India It will be 330w or 335w If you buy mono perc solar panel Which is launch 3 years before by loom solar In that, you will get a 375w or 380w solar panel I will tell you what is special in that panel If you have to place a 1kw solar system in your home.

In that 2 panels, you have to install 2 panel is sufficient for your home. When you installed higher capacity solar panel 3kw or 5kw solar system Then space of the roof will less utilize. Because these panels come in high watts. That solo solar panel comes in 440w When you talk about bifacial that solar panel will generate 550 w now I will tell you what is the difference between a normal panel and a bi-facial solar panel? In a normal solar panel on the backside of that panel you can't see solar cells only you can see white back.

But in bifacial like you can see cells in the front view. in bifacial solar panel you can see solar cells at the back of the panel in the bifacial solar panel now I will show you In a bi-facial solar panel, you can see cells from the back But in normal solar panels Like 50w, 100w, 300w in the back, you will see a white color backside that's the symbol of bifacial first thing if you put water under that panel means on river or lake if we put that solar panel on the ocean then you will get only a 7% reflection return in that case, that solar panel will produce 470 watt if in house garden factory garden downside there is grass on the downside in that case, you will get a 10% reflection that solar panel will produce 485 watt if you install that panel on the roof of your home your roof is made of concrete in that case, you will get a 13% albedo effect that solar panel will give you 495 w energy if you are belonging to Rajasthan where the sand on land enough sand in that case, the albedo effect is more that solar panel shark 440w that will produce 505 w but if you want to take all advantage of that solar panel and want to get maximum generation the roof of your house which is made from concrete if we paint that surface from white coating in that case, it will produce 20% more energy it means that a single solar panel it will produce 20% more energy it means 440w + 20% = 530w That's its highest generation.

So you can check the bifacial panel on its own it's generating more or not that solar panel 10.5 A-rated How it will generate. but in bifacial electricity generation will up to 12.5 to 13 A How to check that before installation? if you are buying from a dealer or distributor or somewhere else in that case, you can check that panel is original bifacial or not how to check that? a place that panels at height connect the positive and negative wire and place multimeter over there that 10.5 A solar panel that panel will produce 12.5 A, 13A means 20% extra electricity generation if it is already generating 20% extra then it means its original solar panel it's the normal way to check bifacial solar panels Ampere. first, we connect the circuit and I did that you can hear a click sound now I put a multimeter To see how much electricity generation in the panel I have to move from there.

If I didn't move the reflection will not come so I am moving. now I will check in multimeter how many generations happening now I am away from the panel so that reflection will come properly. this is the normal way to check bifacial solar panel you can see electricity generation like I told you in the video when you place the bifacial solar panel you have to place the panel around 1.5-meter in height only then bifacial solar panel will work properly This structure you are seeing This is a bifacial structure means this is a high rise structure when you place a bifacial solar panel over that structure then that bifacial solar panel it will work properly and gives 20% more generation means shark 440w panel it will produce 530w Only when you use these structure if you are a solar lover or want to place a solar panel at your home and you want to know more detail about that product then you can go to our website www. or you can contact the nearest dealer distributor. If you want to know more in detail you can participate in learn solar which held on every Saturday. Thanks for watching I hope you like that video..

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