Scripps Ranch CA resident installs solar panels and makes home energy efficient

ASI came in and put solar in for the house solar energy has really changed my life I now have a Chevy Volt and I'm powering that by the solar on the roof it was very easy to see afterwards that this makes sense just do the math before we had the work done by ASI this room is where we live that's where we watch TV and it was always comfortable because we made it comfortable for this room but we ended up with climate zones in the house when you come around the corner you'd get into a completely different temperate zone it was always cold here in the hallway and then when you headed into the master bedroom it would be even colder yet because the heat couldn't get past the threshold here since then all the rooms are now the same temperature because they balanced the ductwork and they insulated everything very nicely they also computer modeled it so there's the right size vents for the right sized room they had to actually change the office because it was in the wrong place and it was the wrong size so what they did is they tuned it to that room and now everything is fair and balanced so that was a very easy decision for me to go to somebody who I see on the TV I see in the newspaper every single day and I trust ASI asi a white-glove guys 1 800 481 cool

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