Rust Electricity 101: Component Guide – Large Solar Panel

Hello everyone Its Thumper the Rabid Rabbit! In this episode of my rust electricity 101 Component guide we will cover the large solar panel The large solar panel is not typically known as a default blueprint. So you're going to have to search around On vanilla servers, you'll likely find these in crates and in sunken chests on other servers you may find them in other places as well The typical default cost is 25 high-quality metal. So start saving up that High Qual 'cause you're going to need it for all these electrical components First thing you need to know about the large solar panel is that the direction of placement is important! You'll see that this panel here is faced Mostly into the Sun just slightly off angle, but it has full directional sun exposure It's in full health and puts out the maximum amount of power, which is 20 units these solar panels will put out somewhere between 0 and 20 depending on the placement and the time of day the angle of the Sun and their health You'll notice that these two panels over here which are placed in the opposite direction of my shadow not facing the Sun are putting out 0 units of power This can be frustrating because in the real world, obviously any solar panel that's getting any light would put out some amount of power but in rust if you don't have the panel facing Generally in the direction of the Sun.

It's going to put out nothing at all another thing that you will find Varies by server is how sensitive the panel is to obstructions in this case This panel is partially obstructed by the shadow of this hillside It's putting out zero power again, in the real world you'd expect this to put out a little bit of power but in rust even partially obstructed solar panels tend to put out zero power I have observed on some servers that the sensitivity to this isn't complete so you may find that in some cases a partial obstruction from a tree Rock Hillside or whatever will not necessarily Prevent all power output but by default this is the behavior that you should expect The other thing you need to know about the large solar panel is its output is sensitive to its health These four panels are in different degrees of health right now.

This one's at 100% This one's at 75 50 percent and 25 percent and you'll see that their output drops accordingly from 20 to 15 To 10 or 1/2 power on the 50% panel down to 5 on this 25% health panel So make sure that you repair your panels and you keep them at full health if you want to get a full power output from the panel So to recap the solar panel is not typically available as a default blueprint costs around 25 High-quality metal to craft on most servers the direction of the placement is important. They are sensitive to obstructions and Their output of power is affected by their health That wraps it up for the large solar panel.

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