Rise of solar panel energy in Bangladesh

bori bazaar is just a hundred kilometers north of the capital Dhaka and yet the 50,000 people live here don't have access to electricity like in most villages in Bangladesh life stopped when the Sun went down until Joelle showed up he traveled across the region installing solar panels in villages at first it was difficult to convince lasers that the spinel could actually generate electricity but now people here are convinced the technology is subsidised by the government in order to keep the price is affordable in just 2 years 1 million homes have been equipped with solar panels according to local officials that's the fastest expansion of solar use in the world these small solar panels are extremely popular amongst villagers because they're cheap and they generate enough electricity to power to light bulbs for 10 hours and that's enough to make a difference to these people's lives it's at night but the changes become clearly visible children are able to study for longer hours and chops like the village pharmacy can stay open well into the night I think people are in better health here because they can come at any time during the night to talk about the problem but 70% of the population still lives in the dark without access to electricity the power is very important like a little silly commodities a handful of local businesses are banking on green energy Bangladesh may not have enough power but it has an abundance of natural light and jewel is making sure that everybody gets to keep a bit of it Nickolas honk al Jazeera Baldy bazaar my man Ching

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