Renogy: How to connect your Solar Panels in Series and Parallel Pt. 2

they represent us here at Penn State today we're going to show you how to complete an installation of your 300 watt and 400 watt kit this video is going to kind of build off our last video on when we show you how to do a parallel and zero use connection now if you remember from our previous installation we did a parallel connection with just two panels now we're going to add a third panel into the equation you can see it's not been connected yet and to perform this installation what we need is another set of branch connectors we're going to start by taking the negative lead on this panel can't get to our trench connector you're going to take the negative lead and plug it into this we're going to take our third branch connector and take the positive lead we're going to take our other positive lead now we just connected three panels together in parallel connection now from this point you are ready to take our parallel connection and plug it into our adapter kit so we're going to take our negative leads plug in positively now we have our parallel connection ready to plug into our charge controller to begin with we're just going to start our installation with these four panels and we're going to do a parallel connection first and we're going to put these panels on top of our table so let's get started the reason we have our panels stacked like this on the table is so that our junction boxes are close to each other if our panels were side by side our extension these are not long enough to connect so to begin this process we're going to use three sets of branch connectors here and we're gonna be using our nine-inch mc4 adapter kit our first step today will be to to connecting our panels in parallel it's going to be that I grab our positive leads so you want to grab our positive leads we're going to take our FC port branch connector plugged in like this the second step is to take our negative leads take our other branch connector put this in and we must repeat this for the other side as well what we've created now is two positives or two negatives and we're going to make them into one positive and one negative with our third set of branch connectors so we're going to take our positive and our positive connect them like so you can have one big connector you can see that set that want to take our two negatives I want to connect them together now we have a negative now once you have your positive and your negative together we're ready to use our nine inch adapter kit now that we finish the install we've punched our wires together and we finished the install with these zip ties to clean it up as you can see now you're going to be ready to attach your adapter kit you want to make sure to maintain polarity what I mean by that is you want to make sure you match your positive to your positive and your negative to your negative in our next set of videos we're going to show you guys how to do a 400 watt kick connected together in the series if you remember a series connection will take your voltage from 12 volt and turn it into 24 volt

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