Renewable Energy Stocks To Buy For Huge Profits (2021)

hey guys how's it going it's Andy from Magoo 
investing happy Monday so I’ve been putting   off this video for a long time it is one of the 
longer videos just because I wanted to do more   research on it today I’m going to be talking 
about green stocks that I’m looking to buy   they're going to have huge returns going forward 
I think green energy is one of the most exciting   areas to invest in and considering I’ve spent the 
past five years getting two pieces of paper to my   undergrad and my graduate degree in marine biology 
and conservation this is something that I’m really   passionate about so I wanted to give this video 
justice and talk about five or six of the stocks   that I’m looking to buy going forward that do 
have green energy potential and are going to be   an area where I can invest in something that I 
really care about but actually have returns to   back it up so I think this is a great example of 
you don't always have to buy these stocks that are   not something that you agree with morally 
obviously there's some people that disagree with   a lot of the major companies and I think there are 
some great opportunities for people that want to   be more conscious about their environmental 
footprint and I think these are some great   options so I am going to quickly start off this 
video saying that I’m not going to be talking   about Beyond Meat Stock (BYND Stock) in this video 
I think Beyond Meat Stock (BYND Stock) is a great   way to reduce carbon emissions when it comes to 
meat production but I did talk about it in a video   last week so I will link that above right now also 
if you can tell I’m at my parents’ house so it   things are going to be looking a little different 
going forward so I’m still trying to find the best   way to record and make things look good so let 
me know what you think of the setup at this point   but before getting started I do have to say 
that I’m not a licensed financial advisor and   this is not financial advice anything you hear 
in this video is just me giving my own opinions   on the stock market and you need to do your own 
research before making any investment decisions   also if you've been enjoying these videos 
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so the first stock I want to talk about is   going to be Nio Stock (NIO Stock) ticker symbol 
$NIO currently Nio Stock (NIO Stock) is trading   for 41 and it's up 920% on the year I put 
Nio Stock (NIO Stock) on this video because   it is an electric vehicle company and as we know 
carbon emissions coming from fossil fuels used in   fuel production is a huge part of climate change 
so having these EV stocks are very exciting   and I could have put something like a Tesla 
Stock (TSLA Stock) on here but I wanted to put   a Nio Stock (NIO Stock) on it because I think the 
Chinese EV companies have been really exciting so   far this year there have been some threats about 
delisting if you've been paying attention to some   of the Chinese stock news in the past couple weeks 
there was a bill that went through that is likely   going to get passed that would require companies 
to provide more transparent financial information   on the company and so if you've been around this 
channel for a while this has been one of my huge   gripes against investing in Chinese stocks because 
there have been some problems in the past of   companies not being completely transparent about 
their financials the most recent example that I   can think of comes with a Luckin Coffee Stock (LK 
Stock) ticker symbol $LK and so this does look   like it could be a potentially bad thing if you 
just read the headlines and it says these Chinese   companies are going to get potentially delisted 
it looks pretty dire but if you actually read   into what it means likely it would take three to 
five years to delist if it actually goes through   also Nio Stock (NIO Stock) has come out and 
their CEO said that they believe that their   practices already meet the requirements set 
by this new legislation so I don't think you   really have to worry about this as a Nio Stock 
(NIO Stock) investor this is something where   it makes investing in Chinese stocks safer 
and so it should be a positive thing there's   likely going to be some retaliation from the 
Chinese government maybe in the form of tariffs   and so it's going to be interesting to see 
how this actually plays out in the future but   Nio Stock (NIO Stock) is not a stock that 
is at risk of being delisted anytime soon so   the stock did fall last week after it announced 
it was offering 60 to 70 million shares   as a way to raise funds and this 
is not something that's been   unique to Nio Stock (NIO Stock) pretty much all of 
the EV companies last week took advantage of their   extremely high prices by offering millions 
of shares the stock did fall because as you   increase the number of shares out there it dilutes 
the value of all the rest of them but for a   company that was in danger of going bankrupt like 
a year ago it does make sense that they're taking   advantage of the almost one thousand percent 
that the stock has increased so far this year   to take advantage of that to raise as much funds 
as possible so I think this is a good thing   we're talking about how they're going to be 
using this money to improve their network   improve their sales and just it's going to be 
a positive for the company overall even though   in the short term it does dilute the value 
of all the stocks so the company has been   killing it with delivery so far the numbers 
from November they saw 50 to 100 deliveries   which was a record and they say 100% increase 
year over year in October with 5000 deliveries   one of the most exciting parts of this company 
comes from their battery swap program uh which   if you understand how Tesla Stock (TSLA Stock) 
works they have all these superchargers placed   pretty strategically around so that you can get 
between all of them without running out of fuel   but it's really interesting because this is a 
battery swap program that would be able to swap   out your battery in less than five minutes and you 
do pay like a subscription to be able to use that   so for a company this would bring in reoccurring 
revenue which is always a positive thing and   I think it's something that I realistically 
could see happen in some of the major us cities   going forward so it's going to be some exciting 
technology and I’m very interested to see how it's   actually going to play out for these companies 
so as of right now it's hard for me to be super   bullish on a company that's up almost a thousand 
percent on the year but for a long term potential   I absolutely love the EV stocks and I think 
anything like a Tesla Stock (TSLA Stock) or a   Nio Stock (NIO Stock) is great for the environment 
I think it's going to have great returns going   forward even though it might be a little choppy 
going forward for the short term so long term very   bullish on Nio Stock (NIO Stock) and then the next 
stock I want to talk about is something that I   actually do own shares in so I do want to disclose 
that but I’m going to be talking about General   Electric Stock (GE Stock) ticker $GE currently 
General Electric Stock (GE Stock) is trading for   eleven dollars and it's down two percent on the 
year so I have a put that I sold on the company   and normally when I sell puts I use the 
premium and I invested into other areas but   I do feel very positively about General Electric 
Stock (GE Stock) overall so I have been using the   money that I’ve been collecting from the premiums 
to buy just actual shares of the company so I do   have that position I do have like between five and 
ten shares of General Electric Stock (GE Stock) at   this point and it's likely going to increase 
over time and the reason that I feel very good   about that is because I’m loving the trajectory 
of the company with the renewable energy part of   their business if you've been paying attention to 
General Electric Stock (GE Stock) so far in 2020   the reason that they've been having a pretty 
tough time comes from the damage that the aviation   industry has been seen considering that they 
are selling a lot of the uh the engines to the   Boeing Stock (BA Stock) planes that have been 
grounded and the sales have been dropping as   the demand for air travel has been shrinking in 

And so while it doesn't look great and you   look at the all-time chart and then the five-year 
chart doesn't look great but I think this is a   great bounce back stock and one that's going to 
do very well when it comes to renewable energy   and so they got crushed this year as I mentioned 
their aviation part of their business was down 44   and while the renewables probably isn't going to 
be enough to change the trajectory of the company   I do think it will help and so they've 
been announcing some very interesting deals   the company has announced wind turbine deals 
with Lithuania and they're also providing   turbines for the world's largest offshore 
wind farm they also announced that they're   going to be having a wind turbine recycling 
program that would break down old turbines   for use for cement production and that 
would reduce carbon emissions by 27%   for cement production so this is something 
where it has a varied net positive result   uh it is a stock that I think it's going to bounce 
back significantly over the next couple years as   aviation it has to come back eventually we're 
starting to see the roll out of the vaccine   stuff and I’m expecting their boost to come from 
the aviation and the renewables going forward so   while they did have a 5 million profit from 
renewables and quarter 3 it is pretty tiny   compared to the other segments of the business 
but I do think it will be a part of the company's   recovery and I’m very long-term bullish on the 
company overall mainly from the bounce back but I   think the renewables are very exciting part of the 
business and I’m very curious to see how they're   going to do in the next couple years okay so the 
next stock on this list is going to be Brookfield   renewable Stock (BEP Stock) which is ticker symbol 
$BEP currently is trading for 40 and 30 cents and   it's up 62 on the year if you've been following 
the stock the price may seem a little funky   and since I had planned out this video last week 
I kind of forgot that they went through a three to   two stock split on Friday so I had the stock at 
like 51 and I was very confused to see it at 40   this morning but they did go through a 
stock split so that's why it looks like that   and so I like Brookfield Stock (BEP Stock) because 
it doesn't just focus on one type of renewable   energy and they're involved in hydroelectric wind 
and solar facilities right now around 65 percent   of their free cash flow is going to hydroelectric 
but we are starting to see a switch they have been   expanding their solar capabilities that will lead 
to 18 gigawatt production in the future and this   comes after they bought Exelon solar business for 
810 million dollars in the past couple quarters   so this does expand their energy capabilities 
that has increased six fold since 2015 which   is a huge increase uh and they are very diverse 
and where their locations are having locations   in north America Latin America Asia and Europe 
and so this isn't a company that's going to be   innovating in one specific area of renewables but 
I do think the most attractive thing about their   stock and their company has to do with their track 
record over the past 20 years the company's had an   annualized return of 18 since the year 2000 which 
destroys the returns that we've been seeing in the   s p 500 looking forward the company expects annual 
returns in the low teens which is likely going to   beat the rest of the market so this is not a stock 
that's going to maybe see like a thousand percent   increase like what we've seen with Nio Stock 
(NIO Stock) and Tesla Stock (TSLA Stock) so far   this year but they have an incredible track record 
for renewables which is not something you can say   about a lot of other companies that have had their 
struggles in the past decade plus so part of the   returns come from their 3.3 dividend and even with 
the increases in their price their yield has never   been below 3 so this is a very stable company they 
have a very positive impact on the environment   based off of the variety of renewable energies 
that they've been using with hydroelectric wind   and solar and so as I mentioned they're not great 
at one specific thing but they're very diverse   in the type of energies that they're producing 
the locations that they have and their track   record is just fantastic so I’m very bullish on 
Brookfield renewable Stock (BEP Stock) which is   ticker symbol $BEP and it's likely going to be 
something that I’ll add in my portfolio in the   upcoming months because I think it's just 
such a positive thing for the environment   and it does have the track record to back it up so 
the next stock I want to talk about is going to be   NextEra energy stock (NEE Stock) which is ticker 
symbol $NEE currently it's trading for 74.50 and   it's up 23 on the year and so in the past couple 
years we've been seeing a switch in the overall   stock market for the companies that have been 
representative of the overall market we've been   seeing the removal of stuff like Exxon Mobil Stock 
(XOM Stock) ticker symbol $XOM which I believe was   replaced by salesforce and with that switch we've 
also seen a new giant when it comes to the largest   energy company in the united states being uh 
next era just a couple years ago giants like   Exxon Stock (XOM Stock) and chevron stock (CVX 
Stock) were considered the top companies but they   have slid and in October NextEra Stock (NEE Stock) 
became the most valuable energy company in the us   their overall energy capacity is large enough to 
power the entirety of Greece or 10 percent of the   homes in the us so this is a massive company as a 
company reaches 15 gigawatts with wind and solar   backlogs a company is also starting to invest in 
hydrogen even with the pandemic the company added   five gigawatts of renewable capacity this year and 
they have announced that none of their projects   were delayed in 2020 even with the pandemic in 
addition they are rapidly growing they announced   that they are going to be spending 1 billion in 
battery projects in 2021 and they believe that   they're the first company to spend that much 
in energy storage investments in a single year   and when I saw that amount of spending going into 
uh future production I expected their long-term   debt to be massive because they're spending one 
billion dollars in a single year but when I looked   at it I was very surprised that their long-term 
debt to equity is only sitting at 1.1 so this   shows how much money that they've been bringing 
in and how stable they've been and so it makes me   feel a lot better with their massive investment 
into their energy storage going forward similar   to Brookfield stock (BEP Stock) NextEra Stock 
(NEE Stock) has a solid dividend right now that   dividend has grown by 11.5 percent on average over 
the past five years and their dividend is sitting   around two percent and with a payout ratio of 61 
the dividend isn't at risk of being cut anytime   soon in addition they have 25 years of dividend 
growth making them a dividend aristocrat so   this is a massive company it's the largest energy 
company out there they've invested heavily into   renewables which is very positive and so investing 
into a maybe a sector you don't fully understand   I’ve always talked about I like buying into the 
biggest and the most stable ones and when I look   at NextEra Stock (NEE Stock) I think of this as 
a fantastic stable company they're investing in   themselves heavily with that one billion dollar 
investment into battery projects in the next year   and they can back it up with the incredible amount 
of revenue and stability that they have with their   long-term shareholder equity so I think for an 
energy company I think this is a great opportunity   and I think it's way better than what we've been 
seeing with some of the oil and gas companies like   Exxon Mobil Stock (XOM Stock) and chevron stock 
(CVX Stock) so yeah let me know what you guys have   to say about NextEra Energy Stock (NEE Stock) 
ticker symbol $NEE in the comment section down   below okay so I decided to put First Solar Stock 
(FSLR Stock) ticker symbol $FSLR under this list   there are plenty of other solar stocks out there 
but I decided to pick this one because it has   a longer track record than most of these other 
companies so First Solar Stock (FSLR Stock) is   trained for 87.40 and it's up 56% on the year 
First Solar Stock (FSLR Stock) is kind of in   a weird spot and I’m not really sure how I feel 
about it this has been a stock that's been around   for a long time and the past couple years they've 
really struggled with competition from china   they've argued in the past couple years that china 
with their incredibly cheap solar panels have been   flooding the us market and lowering the overall 
price which has pushed out a lot of the actual   competition but First Solar Stock (FSLR Stock) 
has actually been able to survive that and they   announced recently that they have gotten their 
solar panels cheaper than china at this point   and this seems like a really positive thing but 
they've really been changing their strategy on   how the company's been run over the past couple 
years and I’m not really sure how I feel about it   the company has slimmed down significantly 
in the past and they've been focusing more   on manufacturing of the panels and less 
about actually selling them to consumers   instead of selling to actual businesses they've 
been selling to the actual energy companies and   have been building massive facilities this led to 
an agreement with general motors to resemble gm   to provide 180 megawatts from a solar project 
starting in 2023 and people have been pointing   out the company has been sitting on way more cash 
than they should be and so I’ve talked about in   the past that when a company brings in cash 
there's a couple areas that they can actually   move that money to they can invest in themselves 
with research and development they can pay out a   dividend they can use the money to buy back shares 
to increase the value of the existing shares which   is the opposite of what we've been seeing with 
Nio Stock (NIO Stock) who added more shares which   diluted the value and so it's usually seen as a 
positive thing for investors when you see stock   buybacks or you can hold on to the actual cash and 
to sit on it for the future and people have been   arguing that since they've been cutting down their 
business significantly in the past couple years   they need to be investing in technology to further 
distance themselves from the competition that   they've been seeing in china so at this point I’m 
not really sure how I feel about them they do have   their track record uh in the past year being up 56 
percent they have gotten to the point where their   solar panels are cheaper than china but I just 
don't know how I feel about it overall in the last   round's report the company did see a 70% increase 
I in sales year over year and they were up 44%   since the previous quarter so the company has 
been seeing growth but I feel like they're just   in kind of a weird spot this does seem like more 
of a risk compared to some of the other energy   stocks we've talked about in today's video the us 
government has been pretty committed to trying to   get us solar stocks to do pretty well you did 
have the Obama administration that put a lot   of money and for solar was one of the companies 
that did take in some of that money and they have   proved it to be a positive thing because 
they have been able to price out china   and so it's going to be very interesting to see 
where the solar market goes in the future but   at this point I’m pretty neutral when it comes 
to First Solar Stock (FSLR Stock) I’m very   positive on solar overall but I do kind of like 
something like a NextEra Stock (NEE Stock) or a   Brookfield renewable stock (BEP 
Stock) because they don't rely   exclusively on one type of renewable energy and 
I think that does increase the risk of investing   in something like a First Solar Stock (FSLR 
Stock) so let me know what you guys have to   say about First Solar Stock (FSLR Stock) and let 
me know if there's a solar stock that you guys   like a little bit more and then finally we're 
going to be wrapping up the video talking about   plug power stock (PLUG Stock) ticker symbol $PLUG 
currently it's trading for 26 dollars and 30 cents   and it's up 730 percent on the year plug power 
stock (PLUG Stock) is a hydrogen fuel cell company   that does a lot about swapping out conventional 
batteries on a lot of machinery and different   vehicles and this has been a stock that's been 
around for a long time at this point it's been   two decades and up until very recently it has not 
performed very well this has been a stock that   has been picked up by a lot of robinhood investors 
specifically because it's been very cheap   but when you look at the five-year chart you 
can see how crazy of a run it's been on in 2020   and then you zoom out to the all-time chart you 
can see that the stock has not done very well   for a long time but this is a very exciting type 
of business to be a part of but one of the things   that investors have always pointed out with plug 
power stock (PLUG Stock) is the fact that they   have never been profitable in their 20 years and 
so for a lot of these companies I always think   about Tesla Stock (TSLA Stock) that has been kind 
of one of the red flags for a long time is that   they have never been profitable up until like 
eight quarters ago and now they have had like   eight straight quarters of profitability but for a 
lot of these upstart and innovative companies you   do want to see profitability and the stock has 
been around for 20 years and has never gotten   to that point and so people have been wondering 
when are they going to be profitable they have   to be profitable on EBITDA basis which is earnings 
before inflation taxes depreciation and I forget   what the a stands for but basically they're 
hoping to be profitable on that basis by 2024   so that's still a long way away hydrogen fuel is 
a very interesting type of renewable energy it is   definitely more positive than using fossil fuels 
but I don't think it's the most green approach out   there and so it's going to be very interesting to 
see how well it's going to translate to the actual   market because at this point plug power stock 
(PLUG Stock)'s been around for 20 years and   they haven't really gotten a hold but I think 
the investments from the government and a lot   of the environmental goals for the next 50 years 
are going to push it in the right direction and   I think investment in hydrogen is going to be very 
exciting but for a short term I’m a little neutral   on the company just because based off of the track 
record and the 700% increase that we've seen so   far in 2020 it's kind of hard to justify that move 
there is a lot of excitement going forward but   I just don't know how I feel about in the 
short term long term very bullish I’m very   excited to see them finally get profitable 
by 2024 if that actually happens but right   now for a short term pretty neutral long term 
very bullish so let me know what you guys feel   about plug power stock (PLUG Stock) ticker symbol 
$PLUG in the comment section down below alright so   let me know what you guys have to say about these 
clean energy stocks I think clean energy is going   to be a very interesting place to invest in in 
the future just because a lot of these countries   have come out and said that they've had these very 
aggressive plans to try to get rid of fossil fuels   for the internal combustion engine I’ll put 
up a map of the countries that have committed   to doing that and the years that they've 
committed to do that by you have the upcoming   Biden administration that has said they're 
going to invest 1.7 trillion dollars and do   clean energy initiatives so this is going to be 
an area that's going to get a lot of attention   going forward and so I think this is an industry 
that you could still invest in at this point and   have incredible returns there are some companies 
that I’m a little worried about in the short term   because they've done incredibly well so far this 
year with Nio Stock (NIO Stock) and plug power but   I think this is an industry that's very 
exciting and I’m very excited to be a part   of it which is why I’ve invested in the stuff 
like General Electric Stock (GE Stock) and I do   think I’m going to be buying into Brookfield 
Stock (BEP Stock) in the future just because   of the incredible track record that 
the companies had on just how much of   a positive impact they've had overall so let 
me know which clean energy stocks I missed on   this video thanks for watching I appreciate all 
support and I will see you in the next episode

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