Realism Overhaul, Real Solar System – 2 Minute Mods – Kerbal Space Program 28

Hi all, I'm TinyPirate, this is two minute mods. Today we look at what is best described as
a cluster of mods rather than a single mod – the Real Solar System mod, the Realism Overhaul
mod, and the mods the Overhaul depends on. The Real Solar System mods transforms the
Kerbin solar system into the Earth solar system, resizing and retexturing planets and moons
and changing how the game works. Concurrently, the Realism Overhaul mod changes
engine performance, fuels, changes the electrical system, how reaction wheels work, and makes
a bunch of other tweaks and modifications. The extra mods that are required for the Realism
Overhaul mod to function properly change a whole bunch of everything else – from changing
how water physics work to modularly integrating your flight models… I have no idea what
that means. The end result of all this mod installing
is that you end up with a version of KSP that lets you launch realistic rockets in a realistic
solar system. Pretty amazing! Due to the dependency management involved
in the Realism suite the best way to install it is with CKAN.

But before you do, my advice
is to duplicate your KSP install folder so that the massive game changes don't interfere
with any current career or sandbox play. To do this; first find the KSP directory in
your Steam folder, make a copy of it, rename it to indicate that it's your Realism Overhaul
version of KSP and then add the directory to CKAN using the File menu > select KSP install

From there, filter the mods for "real" and find and tick the Realism Overhaul and
Real Solar System mods. CKAN will immediately prompt you to select a texture pack, I chose
the 2048 pack for maximum stability, and then you can install the Realism mods and their
dependencies with a couple more clicks of the mouse. Along the way
you might want to install the optional mods
the Realism Overhaul suggests, but you can always work out what those mods are later
on by looking at the "relationships" tab for the mod in CKAN. Now, there's pretty much no chance that I'll
be able to explain the depth and breadth of the changes packed into the Realism Overhaul.
But I can give you a taste: The overhaul will have you precisely configuring fuel loadouts-
– even whether or not your fuel is cryogenically stored, pressurized, and more stuff I don't

You'll also have to worry about life support, power systems, launch sites,
and many other interesting engineering challenges. And best of all, if you learn the Realism
suite you will have a deeper understanding of rocket science than just about anyone shy
of actual rocket surgeons. I'm serious about that! The realism mods are very complex and lifelike. To be honest I really wish Scott Manley would
put out a Realism overhaul let's play, I'd love to watch it! Anyway, there's tons of resources in the description
below to get you started if you're interested in this mod. And if you liked this video,
let me know in the comments below and subscribe so you don't miss out on other videos in our

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