Rainbow Power Company Medium Off Grid Solar Power System DIY Kit with pre-wired distribution board.

Hi, It's Paul here from Rainbow Power Company. 
Today I'm here to talk to you about our medium   off-grid power system. These systems are great 
for Australian households who are looking to   live off grid; if you bought a beautiful dream 
block in the middle of the bush and you haven't   got power to it, this system can help you 
get 240 Volt power actually to that site.   RPC has been around for over 30 years; we know 
how important it is to actually design and supply   really reliable off-grid power systems. When 
you live a long way from the grid sometimes help   can be a long way away, and therefore you want a 
reliable system that's going to work faultlessly.   Our kits are actually a little bit different to 
a lot of the kits you'll find online whereby we   actually supply all of the components you need 
to actually successfully install your system.   So I'll work my way through them; so
here we've got our solar panels.

A kit   of this size will have typically between 6 to 18 
solar panels. We supply over three different types   of panels; so either Trina,. REC or Sunpower, all 
these are high quality panels with good warranties   in place. You'll get your solar frame so what we 
do is our sales team actually help you to design   a solar frame system that's actually going to suit 
your roof line and customise that to your needs.   From there as well you'll get a distribution 
board and you also get a battery bank.

On the   distribution board, how this works is that RPC 
actually pre-wires all the major components that   you'll actually need to get the electrical side 
of the system actually working really well. So   we do this in our manufacturing area which means 
that we actually pre-wire but also pre-commission   the system to work and actually test it 
before it leaves our manufacturing facility.   If I work through the components on here, you've 
got your solar inverter, so solar's coming in here   to the Sungrow solar inverter, it converts the 
power from high voltage DC into 240 Volt AC.   We've got our distribution board, our DC 
distribution board with all the fusing   and switching required so that you can actually 
get power out of the system. We've also got our   Multiplus inverter charger, this is actually the 
heart of the system and it's what converts the   240 Volt and solar power, into 48 Volt battery 
power. So it's actually charging the batteries   during the day and then taking the power from 
the batteries at night to supply your loads.   On all of our systems as well, we've 
also got a good monitoring system,   this is called the colour control JX and what 
it does it actually shows energy flows, so power   moving in and out of the system, what your battery 
state of charge and give you important information   so you can live your lifestyle within the 
amount of energy that's available from the sun.   Great thing about this device as well is that 
we can actually plug it into the internet so   if we plug that into an internet and a router 
that'll actually publish that data up to the web,   so not only have you got access anywhere in the 
world to how your solar system is going and the   data about your solar system, but we're also there 
and can actually watch and help advise you on any   needs that you might have in regards to your 
solar system.

We keep on coming through,   we've got some fusing, the power then comes down 
to the battery bank. The battery bank, we actually   use two types of batteries either Pylontech or BYD 
LVS batteries. Rainbow's actually moved to using   basically 100% lithium batteries on all 
of our off grid systems these days, we're   finding their performance is just phenomenal. 
One thing about the RPC systems as well,   is that because we're currently installing them 
they actually meet all current Australian safety   and insulation standards, so we spend a 
lot of time actually making sure these are   compliant with the latest safety standards 
that are in place for installation, so   although we might not be installing your system 
we might be dispatching it and you'll be getting   a local installer a local electrician to install 
it for you, everything you need to actually meet   those Australian standards is actually in the 
kits, and so that makes it really really easy   for that local installer to do their job. 
I hope I covered everything that you need,   if you've got any questions you can write in 
the comments or you can give our team a call;   we've got a team of off-grid sales people here, 
and 50% of them actually live off grid, so we've   got a lot of experience actually in helping 
you to design a system and work through the   important elements actually when you're setting 
up and designing a system to live off grid.

Yeah   thanks for the watching the video, if you want to 
like and subscribe- really trying to get the word   out here about this good work that we're doing, 
so thanks heaps- we'll see you in the next video..

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