Hi friends. Hope everyone’s doing well. This Side, Tanvi with you today. And today we will know how to import components
like solar panels, inverters into PVSyst database. The process is very easy and smooth. So, let’s start. Before we begin, Let me tell you? The process is similar for both solar panels
and solar inverters. Only thing is that the file types for solar
panel and solar inverters are different for solar panels, it is .PAN file format and for
Solar inverter, it is .OND format So, the first thing is that you need these
files ready in your workstation. Usually the module and inverter manufacturers
or suppliers provide these files. So, approach to your supplier for these files. After you get these files, store anywhere
locally in your system. Not into any shared drive like google drive
or Drop Box. And, if you are new to our channel and watching
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notified. Now, open the PVsyst. Go to the Files option in the top menu bar. And then navigate down to the 4th option which
says “import components”. Under this option, a sub menu will come up
like this. SO, basically it is asking whether you want
to import from a zipped file or directly from some folder in your local drive. We’ll show example for both the option. Please note that we are showing you the process
in PVSyst version 7.0. This is a lataest version as of now while
we are doing this session. If you are using a different version, the
process will remain same.

You don’t have to worry about this as the
developers at PVsyst haven’t changed this since the beginning of this software. So? Relax. SO, for zipped folder, navigate to the file
from pvsyst and select the zipped file. We have put both .PAN files and .OND files
into one zipped folder. Now, watch the process carefully here. Okay, so, hope you get the idea of importing
from zipped file. Now, let’s see how to import these files
individually. Starting with .PAN file format for Solar Panels.

Okay. It’ done now. Let’s import .OND file for solar inverter. You may have noticed here that the imported
files automatically stored under it’s manufacturers’ level in the database. This is one of the cool feature of PVSyst. And? Now we are done. The process is same for the battery and charge
controllers as well. Only difference is the file format. So, for an example, for the battery, the type
is .BAT format. But the process will remain same. So, this is it for today’s session. Our next session will be on how to import
various meteo data like from Metonorm, SolarGIS, PVGIS and NASA into your pvsyst platform. Please let us know how did you find this video
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Thanks for watching guys till the end. See you in the next session..

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