PV solar panels and EV-charging

underneath this garden is the most extraordinary house in London it is only six foot tall but unlike the Victorian giants all around it this house is almost entirely self reliant on energy it's Wednesday morning time for the school run Alex Michaelis is filling up the car courtesy of the Sun and solar panels on his roof alex is an architect and created this house for him and his young family now he hopes it will inspire others to follow in his carbon-neutral footsteps right inside just created one big space here you see we've both much light as possible so although around the edge you have light wells that bring light into it big staircase with a slide for the children to go down and adults if they want to it's quite fast thing I've always been interested in in alternative energy and lived in standard Victorian houses and never really had the opportunity to to experiment with these energy systems so when we decided to build this house we said well that's let's put into practice all these things that we keep trying to get our clients to do and then we can say we've done it it's fantastic do it Notting Hill is full of innovators but alex has taken cutting edge to a whole new level carving 22 feet down in search of a sustainable way of life a borehole pumps their water up from 120 metres down there is highly efficient double glazing a heat exchange system that absorbs the natural heat from the earth and warms a swimming pool in the basement which acts like a giant radiator if the water is 25 degrees the rest of the house is nearly the same and on the roof there is a 500 watt photovoltaic system to generate electricity and solar thermal tubes that produce hot water this is the but room here Alex keeps an eco eye on all his kit down in Mission Control in this is a solar panel which tells you how the solar panels working and the temperature on the panel when the Sun hits it goes higher and then the pump is activated and will start eating at Lord for you it's quite amazing when you see the little meter running and how much you're generating and then you see how much you're using and you'll inevitably try I'm gonna switch everything off says levels out when the sun's on out so in retrospect I would have put that meter next to the entrance and I think I'm sure that's doing that more and more per all houses all meters next the entrance so you're aware of it the whole time as well as running the car the solar panels generate electricity for an array of gadgets around the home we have electricity and that's the only anything we use in the house no gas and our own water the solar panels that we haven't do quite a little hot water the thermal from say April to October and the PB which is a photovoltaic and converts some electricity gives us a suppose 10 15 percent of our electricity Juliette Davenport is the chief executive of good energy she welcomes Alex's pioneering design it's taken a while actually longer than I thought it was going to could having talked to us that's ten years ago they were really considering eco builds it's only really now that we're beginning to see them come through and I think maybe that difficulty is the clients really haven't been demanding it and we're now seeing that coming through much more the people are demanding that their homes are built to a level and they feel can be beautiful and they feel can be very livable in because I think sometimes the concept was the design and architecture didn't really go with eco and I think there are sites now that proving that it really can the Eco message has been picked up by Alex's children Juliet predicts eco designs will soon become the norm in homes up and down the country I call it pub talk I love the idea of people going down the pub and boasting about they were in pethor buying all this solar panel memory because that's how conversations start and that's how people start thinking well maybe I can do it too back in Notting Hill Alex's car is topped up and his children are off to school carried a good speed by the power of the Sun

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