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hi this is dan whitney with the whitney law firm in towson maryland today we're going to talk about problems and forgeries on solar panel contracts so there are a number of industries that have serious problems um house flipping is a big one car dealerships are known for being dishonest and with the rise in increase in green energy the solar industry particularly contracts for solar panels have become targets for primarily dishonest sales people who will do anything by hook or crook to sign somebody up to get their commission so typically what will happen when a sales person is trying to sell a contract for solar energy or solar panels they'll knock on doors until they find somebody interested they'll go through their sales stick and if the person is going to sign it often happens on an ipad or something like that and if they agree to whatever the terms are the terms are then the customer agrees there's a contract that's signed usually e-signed and that's it now the problem is what happens when the person uh the homeowner says you know what i've heard your sales pitch no thanks i'm not interested well the sales person may say you know what i just need to sign one or two more contracts or have homeowners sign one or two more contracts and i'll hit my goal of whatever it is for the month what happens is that the door-to-door solar salesman and saleswoman if they're being dishonest they will forge the homeowner's signature on a contract now the homeowner will not find out about the forged contract often until another 30 60 or 90 days when they may start getting calls about why haven't you yet paid or started to pay for this solar contract that you've signed or why have you not made the arrangements to have the installation crew come and install the solar panels on your house or something like that but the point is it comes to their attention that a signature was put on a contract purported to be theirs but actually it was not so the good news is if this has happened to you uh this is a known problem um most if not all of the large solar companies have uh had lawsuits filed against them for forgery uh on the solar contracts forgery and fraud so if your signature was uh forged on a solar contract of course you should not be responsible for any of the obligations under that contract and these contracts uh can be tremendous in terms of responsibility and the length of time it's typical to see solar panel or solar energy contracts uh with a purchase or a lease contract for 25 to 30 years which is a tremendously long time to be locked into something especially if you never signed it in the first place the good news is we help customers in maryland who have been the victims of fraudulent and forged solar panel and solar energy contracts if this has unfortunately happened to you please feel free to call me dan whitney at the whitney law firm to discuss your legal rights when it comes to getting out of a ford solar contract we represent clients in these issues and we'd be happy to give you a free consultation so thank you for watching if you'd like to see any other topics regarding fraudulent or ford solar panel contracts please just leave a note in the comments and i will do a video on it if i can thanks a lot and thank you for watching

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