Preparing For The ULTIMATE TEST | Winter Storm Warning

[Music] and josh wait wait wait [Music] there's literally freezing rain outside freezing rain and he wants us to go outside and work and put solar panels up we have a job deal cold it's nasty outside i'm aware we got work to do you know what i made a lot of work to do rubber tape get a hole saw we gotta pop it probably a rock and a screwdriver yeah we're gonna i thought it would just have not gonna talk with that anymore nice window huh i see let's go [Music] everything's iced like this i don't know if you can see it but this is a sheet of ice these this is all ice on here like the ice just won't it won't quit it's like it's freezing rain daily it seems like now yeah yeah um snow is not known it's uh misting ice yeah you're gonna take a drink all day you can do do you not feel good i get a call let's go inside then because i'm gonna feel worse if i do nothing today then like if i lay on the couch i'm gonna feel probably worse mentally than i would physically from work maybe you'd feel worse yes yeah physically probably not okay let's just get it okay great things don't happen 40 hour weeks you know that now [Music] [Music] despite the not so great weather today is going to be a really good day because we're going to get our solar panels installed which is going to be a major game changer for us so the first thing that josh is working on is getting the disconnect installed and then we're going to start getting some solar panels up [Music] so bev good news easy part is done disconnect installed and halfway wired up yes um it's not raining anymore so no more ice we're gonna be walking on ice but we don't have ice coming down yes that's a huge one i'm good with that let's get installed [Music] torque torque you really did a good job twerking there josh it's called torquing yeah you did a good job i twerk off camera [Music] so [Music] so now that we have everything laid out and we've taken down the rails that we initially had just used as bracing before we poured the concrete we're ready to put the rails in their permanent locations and also get these solar panels that are underneath all that snow put up in their final [Music] nine spots seven eight [Music] so [Music] heavy rambo we got power [Music] i'm a little under 11 and a half it's 11 and 3 8.

Yeah ish pretty good yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] good yeah pretty good right it's going to be a massive array ready do it again yeah let's go [Music] [Applause] [Music] how you planning on reaching that one well i'm gonna set the ladder up and i'm gonna hop over and bend over and wham out hopefully okay go back real wet it's josh be careful wait wait wait okay okay i got i'm holding the ladder got it all right that's some of the common problems that i had you did fantastic now my jacket was getting stuck on this my hood's on and it's pulling me and i'm trying to reach and i can't extend myself i thought you're having trouble reaching over your jelly roll i mean that six pack of yours there you go dropping [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so that's the easiest part of the job i think i think so too right yeah it's really straightforward it's just that the rails you bolt them on you put the panels on and you put what those little things both down simple yeah a fifth grader could do it right where's carter anyways i have one of my hands oh it's cold oh oh my chills going by now it's that cold my hands are so cold don't you dare go use your hair no my hands are too cold that's not loud [Music] so we gotta rearrange those ones it's gonna get bigger it is once we fill this last gap in yeah it's gonna look really neat it's gonna look great it's long it's exciting it is exciting [Music] so the sun came out for the first time in probably like a week more than that it is so insanely bright i can't see anything my eyes are watering it's like it's blinding it's like we're vampires or something we haven't seen the sun in so long the panels look good from here though they're shining and charging leon's right there he sees us oh how long do you think it is before he heads over our right if carter was here he'd be here now yeah well says can't make eye contact with him remember i can't think he comes over here yeah just pretend you don't see [Music] the high them looks so much bigger going four tall if i know [Music] [Music] i would say that this is a pretty monumental moment yes it is for us it's a huge step towards growing and energy independence even more so than we already were yes right which was once just a a dream for us and now like we've actually made it a reality yes not not big fans of the power company rather having my own hands um so we got we installed 16 of the 20 panels we're waiting on rails for the original 12.

They're actually configured three tall the new set's configured four tall and we're actually waiting on rails to change that out so we're gonna leave them sit the way they are continue to charge while we have ten of these wired up because we're gonna have it's gonna be three strings total so we have a string of ten a second string of ten we have the string of 12 on the far side so we're gonna let everything charge and run and then uh once we get those rails we're gonna do a little swap swap remove those and reconfigure those and get everything else installed yeah so we'll still be using those the thing is that we just need to reconfigure them so that everything matches there's no point of pulling them down now to let them sit and we can use them to charge everything right so we're leaving them up for now until we get the new rails so this means that for now we get to go wire these guys up and then we can see how it starts performing and it couldn't be any better timing since the sun actually came out like it really is excellent timing right yeah it's first time and i think two weeks usually a week without just two weeks i think so wired up all right let's go [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] with the 10 pounds wired up disconnects turned off so now i'm gonna go to the disconnect at the powerhouse wire that guy in and everything's gonna be wired through and uh we'll fire thing up and pretty much program the charge controller and we're good to go this much power we got and she's laughing at me [Music] [Music] that's it that's it all right so i'm gonna go ahead and turn that disconnect on by the panels come back here check voltage make sure we're good we have about 486 volts coming in now let's buy the charge controllers up upgrading our solar power system has been a major undertaking but we are finally on the last leg of the project and it feels so good we have more ice and snow on the way which presents us with the perfect opportunity to put our system to the ultimate test you

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