[Music] today's gonna be a good day the delivery truck is here we have 20 panels and a bunch of solar equipment on that truck [Music] bruh so before they leave we actually have to break down the box that all the solar panels are in and inspect each and every one just to make sure that everything's fine before we let them leave [Applause] [Music] yeah i got 20 panels i gotta go through all the other stuff you guys see a bunch of small stuff too another box small stuff okay lighting roster got that let's see city pop-up course got those [Music] feels so good this is the stuff dreams are made of right now it's cold outside i think it's 29 outside so it's pretty cold it feels really good yeah so we got all of the solar components unloaded from the truck we went through checked everything everything did arrive and none of it was damaged which is awesome this is a part of the massive solar expansion that we were talking about on our vlog channel and the most recent video once all of this is installed and up and running we're actually going to be bringing in three times the amount of power that we're currently bringing in which is a huge deal yeah so since we're bringing that much more power in this current setup with all the with the inverter and the charge controller and the batteries everything's in the way so we got pretty much tear everything down and we do this entire wall which is quite a bit of work the battery is going to go up in the air convert is moved over more charge controls are getting installed so it's a lot of work we've got to do yeah there's there's a big to-do list with the amount of power that we're coming in and the way that it is right now does not work for us yeah so the first thing that we're going to need to do is switch back over to generator power which you already got us kind of up and running on that yep so we actually just uh plugged the extension cord into this little small generator i cut the end of it off first and uh tied into duper to two breakers and now while off we got power so we're gonna go ahead and kill power here and uh disconnect everything and we're gonna be on generator power yes for next two days probably and then we're gonna start by taking everything down and then putting it all back up i kill powder the panel so this is actually the feed that comes from the inverter that goes to the panel i'm taking these off so i don't accidentally back feed anything because it's all going to come down this panel will be energized off of the generator so i don't want to potentially backfeed something and get [Music] electrocuted let's go all right so the generator is on we actually took an extension cord plugged it into the generator we ran into the breakers and it's temporary guys i know it's not kosher it's temporary so relax but for turned on we're energized so the powerhouse has power and so does the uh house we actually the generator we have is the same generator we used for the camper it's only 120 volt generator it's not a 240 volt generator so everything that goes to the house it's got 120 volts going there as of right now so we have no 240 volt circuits out there inside the house everything that's 240 volt is inside of here so everything is turned off everything's safe there's no issues that are going to happen but we are now safe to turn batteries off turn the disconnect off for the panels and then start disconnecting everything and pull it all out there's a disconnect for the panels that come into the inverter so i just disconnect power from here to the panels so we have no voltage coming in if any sunlight hits the panels so now the inverter is off we actually the 250 amp switch actually turns the inverter off from the batteries that's good to go the only thing that's left on is actually our battery monitor the reason why it's actually directly connected to the batteries itself so now we're gonna go ahead and turn these batteries off next [Music] [Applause] [Music] so the first thing that we're going to do is move the batteries from down here to up here and the reason that we're doing that is one we're going to be growing the battery bank we're going to need more space but also all of the new solar components are going to reach all the way down this wall so we're not going to have space for the batteries down here anymore so we'll go ahead and start cutting some channel and get a battery rack built for the [Music] batteries [Music] all right [Music] so [Music] here's our plan for the battery rack we got the 90 kinder brackets up those are actually going through the two by four studs here so it's not actually just going through the plywood but actually it's dead center of the studs also so we're actually going to come off this way with a 16 inch piece 45 down with another bracket little 45 bracket here so the whole thing comes down and the weight's getting held on the wall once that's done we're going to go ahead and take our inch and half channel and do three pieces one in the back one in the center then one right here up up front and that's how the battery's gonna sit on top of that and this thing should hold this stuff is pretty damn tough thank you skillshare for sponsoring today's video not only has skillshare been a huge supporter of our channel over the past two years but they've also helped me grow on a personal level by giving me access to literally thousands of online classes on topics such as film cooking gardening productivity and so much more when i first joined skillshare i had one direction in mind which was film not surprisingly but i quickly found that there was so much more for me to explore such as the class productivity habits that stick using time theming with mike vardy i'm big on being productive each day using my time efficiently and meeting daily goals and in mike's class he's helped me to structure my to-do list in a way that enables me to work smarter and have a better workflow this is critical to my success each day being that i'm juggling a lot from homeschooling three kids handling the livestock filming and editing and helping josh build there's a lot going on and i need to be on my a game so whether you're looking to simplify your productivity learn new skills or explore your creativity skillshare has a class for you they are always launching new classes to help you stay focused with most of the classes being under 60 minutes with short lessons and it's only 10 a month with an annual subscription and because skillshare is sponsoring today's video we have a link for you guys below where the first thousand people to click the link can get a free trial of the skillshare premium membership so thank you skillshare for continuing to support our channel now let's get back to the build [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so [Music] the next thing we're planning on doing is uh getting some brackets on here and also getting channel going across we left it like this right now it's not good enough that thing's flimsy it comes straight down put those batteries on there each battery battery is like 70 pounds i think let's put these guys on here like that and drop another piece of challenge down can't do another guy like that it's gonna push all that weight down and put all the weight on the wall and that's how it gets its strength right there [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so this is a test to show how much you can hold okay i'm a smooth 169.

Each battery is 70 pounds so more than twice the weight okay so that being said i've one two three four five six of these things so i'm gonna go ahead and hold on this thing oh yeah look at that moral of the story is if it can hold josh and his little debbies it can hold a bunch of batteries the point the whole point because i know someone's gonna say that's not gonna hold and it holds i knew it would at full full faith in doing that okay if you got up there though you know what i mean buckle this buckle hey that's anywhere where's the phone do you like to try my nuts [Music] something that's left up to you it's a race of undetermined length that'll test your mind and test your strength keep your feeling all alone and always find a way to bring your home be careful not to waste it while planning how to make it cause it only comes once and it don't last long always remember it ain't something you can hold [Music] don't let it [Music] [Music] just when you think you're doing all right you find yourself the question is are you gonna take you guys are probably wondering why this guy right here is a little bit shorter than the other two and how come we haven't done the other ones yet the reason being because there's no room in here so we'll get these three done take these batteries from down low go ahead and put them on top and once we have those going we have enough room to take the inverter down and put them where the batteries are at and then we can go ahead and put the brackets on so because right now the brackets won't come down because the inverter's in the way since that's the case this is why this one's a little bit higher because the inverter is actually going to sit right here [Music] and it don't last long always remember [Music] let it pass you back story that's yet to be told they say you should be looking for the one that's yet to be told you got plenty of time you can tell it when you're wrong it's very very heavy is this this is all connected yeah the problem is if my suit is somewhere you put them somewhere that's not in true yeah i put them here you put them over there i think i take my hoodie off my morning hoodie yeah i take it off put it right here you put it over there this morning hoodie don't hold on to this wire obvious obviously thank you captain obvious what's gonna happen then we're going to lift it up and we're going to work the wires out and you're going to try and not throw your back [Music] and she snorts at all the wrong time oh okay one two where's your backhand what about this did you get this one connected one two three i'm gonna do this again the wire's poking me i'm not gonna go do three again we're going through this time one two three [Laughter] hmm you gotta even try picking it up yeah i don't think you got everything unhug this you didn't take that off that was the shield the screw is that long okay how about these does it slide out must miss that shoot that's where we're fighting the entire time jeez that's why i'm here josh quality control her breath i mean i know but it's a little bit like nervous my heart hasn't slowed down that's all your heart is so dense in the first time you saw me just saying all right move i have boss [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh [Music] now we got three charge controllers this right here is the old existing one he's actually not old he's actually a year and a half old he's still good we bought two new ones we actually had to get three totals because of the size of the array so getting all this stuff installed and wired up will be the fun part babe so hopefully you'll enjoy it i can't wait i'm excited yep so if you guys actually want us to go more in depth and more in detail about wiring all this stuff up and getting it all hooked up just let us know in the comment section i'll be happy to do it no big deal if you guys are new and wondering how we got to this point with solar i will link our solar playlist below it's going to give you guys the whole rundown on just the solar aspect of the build from building the solar stanchion installing the panels uh the combiner box trenching everything in up to the powerhouse getting everything actually built and mounted in the powerhouse and the first time that we actually got power up and running which was a huge day is getting full-time power and also the cost breakdown for our solar system is also in that playlist so i'll link it below [Music] so that's good [Music] [Applause] so one of the biggest motivators for us to move off-grid was our desire to be more connected to life i don't only mean being connected through spending more time together but connected to life through being more responsible for providing ourselves with the everyday things that allow us to thrive things like the power we use the water we drink as much of our own food as possible and the shelter for our family for the past couple of years we've been responsible for creating the power we use in order to build our own home and run our farm by not relying on an outside source we are naturally put at mother earth's will and have learned what we need to do to adapt our changing seasons and unpredictable weather where we once went through life without needing to consider how if cloudy days or fluctuations in temperature would affect our life we are now completely in tune with what the change in seasons means for both us our land and our livestock we've become more connected to our own existence in a way that once wasn't possible for us until we moved off-grid turn it off dude it's too hot in here now josh has the meat sweats no i don't got the heater on i'm right next air makes me stand right next to it and the pro the huge problem we have is that she wants to be getting in front of her so like i'm bigger than her because we all know she's 6 2 2 10.

So are you gonna put a measuring tape up and prove that i'm sick i'm six too yeah okay good get the measuring tape josh geez can you fit through there big guy i'll fit through here okay all right guys you can't you can't right there okay you can't bend it like that it comes guys six tails [Music] [Music] you can't bend it you can't the good news is al borland has his favorite shirt on today he also got to keep his uh channel locks because you won the bets all the electricians came out in strong support and didn't thumbs it up yeah so they they thumbs it down for you okay so but everybody else i mean there was a strong show i think there's like 45 some thumbs up so there were some people rooting for you to uh keep the channel locks notes to go without them oh well i'm done this entire thing with channel locks today you

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