Powerfilm F16-1800 Solar Panel Test 0

hey YouTube Steve today i got my solar panel power film it's the 30 watt where they call it the f16 dash 1800 model that's what I Cohen and I was going to get the 20 watt because it's it's cheaper and 20 watts is probably just fine for what I'm going to be using it for but I got the 30 watt because of its size and how its laid out the 20 watt is is a square and this is a rectangle and what I'm going to be doing is using it in my van as a sunshade for the windshield so the this rectangle format fits that model better I'm getting over a cold right now also forgive my my snottiness so yeah and I think one of the first things I'm going to have to do is take one of these adapter cable daily jobs and make make one into a power pole connector um this one is just the cigarette lighter adapter so it's got their kind of proprietary kind of connector on that end and then it's a cigarette lighter adapter I might just keep this the way this is because a generic the other one that it came with is you know their plug and then it's a barrel plug and i believe it's designed primarily for the goal zero yeti battery thing i hate calling them solar generators because they're not solar generators or just batteries but it's not the most standard barrel plug so i might just tear this one apart and cannibalize that one but there she is I took it apart and the one thing that I couldn't find on any of the pictures was what end you know their power connector was on and it's surprisingly on the end where the big flap is so was that it wraps around so then we'll look at this more closely when I get it out in the van and stuff there you go power film as it turns out I already happen to have what I need with my goal zero solar panels i had bought some of some of their extension cables and made adapters for how I was using everything for it so I took their four-way plug for way extension kind of plug and put a cigarette lighter plug on the other end and I just happens to be the same size as this so what I did here is the power the power filled connector to cigarette lighter adapter and that's kind of what I need right now so here's the panel I took it out of the box threw down the floors to see how big it was you know because it's fun to do there's the panel through the cells themselves I got a soda can up there is a kind of a size reference but yeah pretty cool and the inquiries put that black panel on the end of the pen of the whole thing there that's where the power connector is I think you can see the little grommet that they've got it attached to the fabric with their that's pretty cool so I'm on the van and it's an interesting fortuitous day for testing out the solar panel because it's raining a lot means there's not a whole lot of direct Sun and there's a lot of water everywhere but it's fortuitous because this will be an interesting control test to see almost worst-case scenario usage of it so that will be interesting of course I got my my suction cups up here we seem to be working really well a paracord other suction cup over there I got my radio console here full of crap so yeah that seems like a pretty decent spot not sure if you'll be able to hear me really well because the the microphones are kind of stuffed underneath the seat headrest but I think you get a good view of everything here so we'll go right ahead and do this I'm gonna take my mics down so that they're not in the way i love these gear keepers they're awesome so we got my solar panel the idea is I'm going to want the power connector end over on my side Oh probably going to be like us so I think it's a decent size looks pretty well there let's test this out this is the fun part what got I should move this back the clip hold there I'll just tie that off here for now the way this guy there well it's okay I guess let's see if it generates any power as we sit let's see here this way string that up here just so it's Hey look at that it's producing some power because the little LED on the end of the cigarette lighter adapter is lit so that's fun let's plug it into the cigarette lighter afternoon here all right radios off turn the power on here turn my radio off I'll be a mother's uncle look at that it might not be generating enough it's like 12 point 4 or 5 volts that's showing and the solar light is on but the the charge light is not on so maybe it's not enough but it is interesting because it's the light that's on the cigarette lighter adapter end of it is still on I think you can see it there normally what happens if there's not enough power those lights will go off because it's like man I want that interesting I can't remember what the voltage was before so let's disconnect the solar panel so that's what you get 12.4 112 point yes is it still 12.5 you can see that and that's still 12.4 one and then i connect to the solar panel again yeah so we are not generating any power right now even though there is some power coming through which i think is amazing because it's it's like rainy overcast total indirect light i didn't even use the wipers to clean the rain off the windshield so there's a lot of obstruction there and this panel isn't exactly flat or facing the Sun because there's a tree right in front of me so I'm impressed that it's generating any power at all to light up that led there so yeah guess maybe I'm easily impressed and just as a control test here you can see it's 12.5 nothing is running when I start the van that will jump up so that's the way it should look when the solar panel is charging it as well roughly so I've moved the van over to a parking lot of a nearby gas station where there's not a lot of abstractions and wipe off the windshield we'll see if this makes a difference because I've got a pretty good obstructed view to the sky it's only somewhat cloudy over there it's visibly brighter here as well boy my it may just work like a lot like this they may not even need to put it up flat up against the windshield like that hmm well let's let's test it out this way first anyway just for consistency now just for clarification the reason that I use this whole thing is because I have a hard time reaching that mount point way over there because of my wheelchair stuff so this works out pretty well for me secure this a little bit here this can go these two guys we have the power LED like we did before and we drive over here charged up my batteries a little bit so let's not get distracted by that boat oh nothing you connector come on why are you doing there we go I've got fans running in there there we go okay so it's interesting because now so it's overcast you know it's it's not actively raining but I cleaned off the windshield with the wipers just the wipers and then moved over check it out it's currently charging and my I get cables in my fan there we go stop it it starts to do that now there you go a little better view to look at that blue light in the middle over there that's the one that yeah goodbye that's the one that indicates that there's a charge being passed through and my voltage here 12.6 got my light at it so this this power film solar panel will actually gather enough energy on a rainy overcast day to pass a minimal charge through a cheap charge controller how awesome is that let's unplug the solar panel and see what happens the light in here the voltage is then it gets 12.5 a torso over just about 12.6 and we plug that back in and look they're actually charging the battery what's our voltage does it can you read it on her there we go okay yay reorient the 12.55 on this charge controller so it's not a whole lot of energy that we're that it's producing but unlike other panels like my goal zero panels the 30 watt escape escape 30 panels in this kind of conditions they won't they won't generate enough energy to pass anything through at all I've tested them and then they suck so this power film is doing a much better job and I am quite impressed with it actually you and for a recap on my my console here I've got three you be 1290 batteries in it let's see if we can see if we can see them yeah you can see them down there there's three of them and they're there 9 watt hours each and they're hooked up so that I've got roughly 27 watt hours of battery sitting down there you

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