Portable SOLAR PANELS // Overview & Test

Hello everyone, Hong here and welcome back to the 
channel! In this video i'm gonna be checking this,   portable solar panel that i just got in the mail. 
Ordered it from Aliexpress about two weeks ago,   it was pretty decently priced, about 30 dollars so 
not too expensive, the question is, does it work?   Now i've done some research on Google and Youtube 
and there are a lot of videos and a lot of stories   or articles talking about portable solar panels 
like these, but a lot of them are very technical,   talking about voltage and watts and all 
that fancy stuff that i don't understand,   so i thought i'll do a simple product review-ish 
kind of video for myself and for you guys,   to find out if these things work or if they don't.   However, it's a solar panel so you kind of need 
to have solar, so let's wait till the sun comes up   before we find out if those things 
work or if they don't. Stay tuned.

Boom! Okay! Thank you for staying tuned!
Alright, so i've got my hat, i've got my shades,   and more importantly we've got the sun. But 
before we start i'm going to show you guys   what the package is like and what 
comes with the portable solar panel. Okay so what do you get in the package? Obviously 
you get the portable solar panel it is covered in   this really good quality nylon i'm not sure if 
it's waterproof but it should offer a fair bit   of protection. Now i'm not sure what the weight is 
either because well i've got no weighing scale but   based on my estimation i'm gonna say it's about a 
quarter of your regular cell phone so very light;   dimensions wise we are looking at eight inches 
long about six inches wide that's when it's folded   up so when you open up this plastic buckle that 
holds everything together, then you will have a   dimension of approximately 17 and a half inches, 
so very portable, very lightweight product.  It comes with two carabiners that 
you could use to hook onto your   backpack or wherever else you want to hook this 

This is where the usb plug is right here   and it's a little lamp led light that 
lights up when the solar panels are working   You also get this little pouch on the side 
that comes with a standard usb cable as well as   the user manual and… now bear with me because 
i'm going to read from this real quick and   hopefully some of you guys could help me decipher 
exactly what it means because it's a little bit   more complicated than than i would understand you 
can see inside it's a beautiful color well print,   um so yeah according to this usb outlet output 
5.2 volt dc voltage dc circular output…

Outlet   18 volt direct charging voltage so like i said 
earlier in the video i have absolutely no idea   what this means all i want to know is how 
long would this take to charge up my cell   phone but according to the user guide you're 
not recommended to charge directly from the   solar panel to your cell phone so… what 
i'm gonna use is my reliable and trustworthy   battery pack and um this thing has thirty thousand 
milliamps it's really powerful slightly heavy but   it's been working well for me for the past couple 
years and another reason why i'm using this is   because there is an lcd screen right here and 
it reads out your power input and power output   which i think is going to be useful for this 
little demonstration or this little test that   we are going to do right now! Okay so according 
to my portable battery bank right here i have 16%   battery charged in this battery bank and when we 
plug in the solar we're gonna see how long it's   going to take for this to go up to 100 percent or 
if it doesn't.

So as i've mentioned earlier this   little usb outlet that say's solar port right 
here with a single usb outlet port right there   this little lamp lights up once it is exposed to 
sunlight as you can see… there we go… so at   least it's an indication of when this is working 
or when it's not. Alright, so let's get going!  Okay so the first thing we want to do is 
to take our usb cable and plug it into this   usb port on the solar panel and then we 
pretty much just open it up and plug it   into the input side of the battery bank, let's 
see if i can get a reading because the sun   is really really blazing hot today.
Alright, let's let's do a close-up. Okay let's see if this is charging up, i'm 
gonna hit the button right here use my hat   to block off the light and all right, not sure 
if you can see it but on the screen it shows 16%,   5 volts in, 0.9 ampere in, so i'm guessing that's 
the power that is being generated from the solar   panel right there into the portable battery 
pack and so yeah to keep a long answer short,   it is working.

Now obviously the next question is 
how long would it take to charge this up now like   i said it's 30,000 milliamps so it's a very big 
and powerful battery bank it will probably take   a longer time. If you have a smaller battery bank, 
smaller battery pack or battery bank whatever   you call it then it should charge up much quicker 
so well, here we are. Time now to watch grass grow… Alright, relax i'm not gonna actually make you 
guys sit through a video watching grass grow   i will however put the video to time lapse 
mode on my Gopro and we'll try to capture this   process if you may and then we'll check 
in in a couple of hours to see how well   this portable solar panel fares, under 
the hot blazing sun here in Singapore! Well as you can see, it is pouring, torrential 
thunderstorm that we usually get here in this   part of the world.

Now right before the rain started 
we managed to bring in the charging battery pack   and also the solar panel. It was out in the sun for 
about 90 minutes, maybe the last 20 minutes of that   90 minutes was with heavy clouds so it didn't get 
to full potential but nevertheless i did my math   i'm not very good at math but i did it anyway and 
it charged up about three percent. Now three percent   out of a 30,000 milliamp battery pack should 
equate to about 900 milliamps which means if   you have a cell phone with 5,000 milliamps battery 
then you're about one-fifth the ways charged up   so to really fully charge up a cell phone that 
has 5,000 milliamps you would probably need about   six to seven hours of uninterrupted 
sunlight on the solar panels   so to cut a long story short, number one does it 
work? Yes it does! Number two, does it work well? Not   really but if you have the sunlight and if you 
have the time then it's a good solution and a good   option to reduce your electrical bills at home, 
you know, play a small part for the environment so   that's that! So that's the end of this little video 
thank you so much for joining me and finding out   if this solar panel, portable solar panels work…
My answer is yes i will probably be investing in   something a little bit better because i did 
see that online a lot of online shops offer   solar panels, portable and fixed solar panels 
with a higher capacity so i will be doing more   videos on this in the weeks to come so please 
stay tuned.

Thank you for watching take care!.

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