Piaggio Ape 50 With 2 x 10 watt solar panels (testing)

now it's fine weather and I have some here yes and I have connect with solar panels you see here there's one tan wet one more and just connect them I don't figure out all I can first solar panels and roof maybe or maybe this but now I get more power to the battery I need it because this little thing tarnish suck the battery power out and now we check here hold mani voltage I get look-see here we have zero and now we shake this so this is the lines from solar panels and here we got almost 13 voltage and it's not so sunny now but yeah I got a little more power now and I have charging we felt and cable it's nice very nice yeah so now I am only Joe figure oh I can hear something maybe maybe iron over but first read it maybe it'd be a new video I upload and you see when I have four straight nice further I like the Sun bye-bye see you later.

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