Orion Solar Array Wing Passes First Test

[ Music ] The solar array wing we tested
here today was the qualification model wing provided by Airbus
Defence and Space, Netherlands. For this test, we just
have one functional wing and it's the qualification
model wing that went through more full
qualification testing in Europe, and so this is the only
functional wing we have on this test article. All the others are represented
with mass simulators. When all four solar array
wings are deployed tip to tip, they're sixty-four feet long and
all four wings together generate around eleven kilowatts
of power. For this test, there
were several things that we looked at. This was the first time we
used those thermal knives to start the deployment sequence and that allowed-cut
some tethers that then allowed the
solar array to deploy.

We wanted to test the
locking mechanisms to ensure that it locked properly
in space because anything that could possibly go wrong,
we wanted to see test down here so that we can ensure
a successful flight and deployment. After the test today, we're going to re-stow
the solar array wing. We're going to take the test
article to the vertical, and then we're going to install
a crew module mass simulator and the spacecraft adapter
jettison bolt bearings, and that will complete the
test article configuration for the next test, which
is an acoustic test. After we go through all
the tests that we're going to do here, we're going
to do some acoustic tests to simulate the launch
environment, vibration tests and some pyro tests,
and at the conclusion of those we'll do
another solar array test, and we'll determine whether or not it survived
that environment.

[ Silence ].

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