One of Toledo’s two solar panel companies ceases operations

several dozen people are headed to the unemployment line after the sunlight corporation went out of business last week the company which has its headquarters on Nebraska Avenue makes solar panels employees received a letter saying the company had not received payments from vendors and had run out of cash company CEO John Bucky wrote to workers that the company does not have the funds necessary to meet its obligations including this week's payroll and to continue operations I spoke to a man that had recently applied to sunlight so I looked up the information on the internet regarding this company and I sent a letter to the human resource department and I never heard back from them approximately five years ago sunlight went through a period of robust expansion but in the most recent years that has experienced leadership changes and layoffs sunlight was created by Sun Ming den while he was teaching physics at the University of Toledo he left the company in March 2012 this isn't the first time that failed payments by vendors led to layoffs in april 2011 30 workers were laid off after an italian company failed to make a five-million-dollar payment some of those workers were brought back but last week's layoff notice appears to be permanent it's not a good situation when anyone loses their job obviously I imagine those employees have folks that they need to take care of so and so it's very sad state of affairs calls and email to company executives were not returned the most recent update on the company's website appears to have been made in May 2012 Hubert Wiggins NBC 24 news

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