Off Grid test 13 watt Harbor Freight Solar Panel Briefcase

hello guys survival technology here hey regards from camp x-ray otherwise known as our summer cottage dogs are here can't get my other dog out of the lake I've got a beautiful sunshine it's just everything's perfect no stress I wasn't going to make any videos but well life goes on so we were sent from a company called biltema here in Scandinavia a 13 watt briefcase solar panel and charge card controller so the moment I'm using that to charge up my tablet which is in that notebook sorry about the noise my dogs having a blast there so what I've done is I brought a 7 amp slab there 10 amp charge controller and their 13 want a briefcase solar panel now I've seen these briefcase hauler panels in USA at a place called Harbor Freight they also have them specifications are a little bit different but anyway it's it's not bad at all 13 watts 1224 volts when it's in 12 volts the two panels are in parallel when it's in 24 they're in series and so don't be fooled by by that and so far actually I like it quite much it's it's really sensitive up until now it's it's been charging up the slab with indirect sunlight and I've used it to charge up the radios and the tablets and and so on and it's doing a pretty good job it would be nice to have two or four of these more on a rack in the yard which I can turn but just as something that you throw in the back of the car and bring to the cottage I think it's it's brilliant so anyway I think the brand although I'm a bit skeptical about the brand I'm sure that it's a it's trying to made and there's lots of different name brands listed on these but to pray or top ray solar is the name of it and it's again it's a 13 watt solar panel if you need to search for information on it in English search for a 13 watt briefcase solar panel from Harbor Freight and you can get pretty much similar results and information about the solar panel that they have there horseflies trying to get me anyway that's about it guys short video big regards from camp x-ray the lake is just beautiful here now whoops nearly fell and I'm going to spend some time out on the kayak on the lake today and and enjoy a little bit of holiday all right take care guys thanks for watching ciao

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