Off Grid SOLAR POWER During Winter? | Time For An Upgrade?

[Music] today is a really exciting day for us guys because we are starting the prep work for a massive expansion on our solar power system [Music] [Music] our current solar power system includes 12 385 watt solar panels which gives us 4.6 kilowatts we also have five simplified batteries all of our solar components are housed in the powerhouse which you see right behind me and our solar panels are placed intentionally out in the middle of our pasture it's a question that we get asked a lot why they are so far away from the house and the reason for that is that their placement is where we get the maximum sun hours each day and they're actually positioned to maximize winter sun hours because in summer you never really run into an issue with charging the system with sun hours our biggest concern would be winter time which we happen to be in right now so we wanted to be sure that we were going to maximize the sun hours there and being that we live out in the middle of mountains we are surrounded on all sides so had we placed them anywhere else on our property we would have either gotten no sun hours or we would have drastically cut into the sun hours that we were getting with the shade creeping in um as the sun goes down throughout the day so where they're placed at is actually the best place on our property for them and we did account for the voltage drop by up sizing our wire accordingly which runs from the panels themselves over to the powerhouse therefore we are underneath a three percent voltage drop it's no secret that solar power in summer is the easy part it's where winter comes around that it starts to get tricky and you really start to have to pay attention to what's going on our plan all along has been to properly size the system for our current needs and then grow the system over time as we go all along build onto the battery bank and also expand how much power we are bringing in so that is where we are at today and this is the perfect time to take a look at how the system is running in the winter months and on a day like this where it is cloudy and overcast and we're going to be running into another cloudy day tomorrow so let's head in where josh is at and have him show us what's going on with the power system looking at our system right now we didn't get too much sun yesterday so we're actually sitting at 53 and it's 11 o'clock in the morning it's very overcast this morning we have rain coming so i'm not really planning on getting much of a charge right now we're going to charge a little bit but we're going to be using pretty much what's coming in right now with the 12 pounds that we have so right now we're actually hovering around 500 watts of load we're using right now it's going to the house it's coming off the inverter so 500 watts is the power that we're using so you go back to the charge controller it shows us bringing in roughly look over a thousand watts around 1010 watts that's coming in so we're pretty much using half of what we're making right now with our solar panels the state of charge right now we're in bulk it's 11 30 it's dark it's gloomy it's going to start raining so with our batteries being at 53 right now they will not get fully charged today because of the weather coming in plus as now it's winter time we actually lose sun we have no sun on the panels probably by five o'clock even though we are off grid we do have a fully functioning house that's fully loaded with lights electronics all the appliances all the normal stuff to have a normal household we do not live upon near life we're just not connected to any utilities no electric no sewer no um we have a well no uh public water water nothing so we're off grid that way but we're fully functional yes what our goal is right now is to expand the system to account for if we go through you know two three or more days of little to no sun we want to right now we have a backup generator so if worst case scenario we could plug into the generator and get our house going until that sun comes back out but we want to not have to use that if we don't need to so we want to expand how much power we're bringing in yeah so if we have a nice decent day of sun coming in and i'm bringing in 3 000 watts from the panels and charging the batteries we can run a full day dishes all that stuff charge the batteries we're good but days like this we have numerous days like this we're bringing a thousand watts in or less that's why we want to triple our array size so we're actually bringing 3000 watts in with this amount of sun yeah and we can pretty much fully operate 100 with no hiccups yeah to get us through those like no sundays and then get back to a sunday because like right now as you mentioned when we have sun out we don't even have to think about what we're running or like what tomorrow's going to be like or or anything today we're going to be fine tomorrow we're going to have to start being like okay we need to like monitor this think about what we're running or what we want to run yeah and then the next day we're going to be plugging into the generator however three days of low to no sun i mean that's it's not like super common for us but we want to be prepared for it and we want that second and third day to not even have to think about it like we just want to be able to run whatever we want to run yeah so it's time yeah probably a question you guys is why don't you get more batteries pretty much a solar system with the panels and all that stuff it's far cheaper than batteries yes far cheaper than batteries could be very expensive yes so we what we started with was three we had three simplified batteries we expanded to five simplified batteries which is what we have right now and with the shipment of all of the new solar equipment that is coming we have a sixth battery that's coming in that so we will now once that arrives and we get it all put together we'll have six batteries and then we're going to just triple the solar array and then later on as time goes on we will just continue to add on to the battery bank yes so we have our right right now is 4.6 kw which is 4 600 watts obviously and we're actually gonna we're buying we bought um 20 more panels so we have a total of 32 panels out there which is gonna be insane yes it's gonna be a little bit over 13 kw so it's a lot that's a lot of power yes so give us all the power yes days like this we're bringing probably three to four thousand watts in so not a big deal we can function full-time on that and then uh we should be good yeah it's gonna be awesome it is we have enough battery batteries to go through the night and then some next day and all that so but us making that array bigger works out better versus uh buying more batteries right yeah i'm pretty excited i'm so excited you guys might go on road trip [Music] she'll be asleep in five minutes [Music] i don't know because i feel like the proper placement of like mayonnaise and mustard and that sort of thing is on the underside of the top bun or piece of bread it's on the bread yes the top one so it goes you have your bottom piece of bread and then you have your cheese and then you have your deli meat and then you have your top piece and on the underside of that goes like the mayonnaise and the mustard and the condiments well if you're packing a lunch and bring it to work they made the made the sandwiches that before you can't do that it has to go between the cheese and meat i still okay you're gonna get soggy bread exactly i understand but then your meat and cheese like slides around and stuff it's kind of just gross but since you're not packing a lunch where should it go where's the proper placement if you're eating at home that's the question so what's the answer josh on the bread obviously on the underside of the top layer yes then why when we're at home and you make a sandwich do you still put it between the meat and the cheese or you know you know what you'll do you put it on the bottom you put it on the bottom piece and then you put the cheese on top of it i scored it all i i take it i put it on top of the cheese that's why i do that for the top so you put you put the meat and then you put the cheese and then you put the mayonnaise and then you put the bun that's still wrong i'm gonna look it up what the proper way is to make a sandwich how do you guys make your sandwiches where do you think they put theirs so we do have egg in your sandwich we would put the egg at and making cheese okay you have the bun you have the egg you have the ham and then again you have the top bun with the mayonnaise underneath that yeah you gotta do the meat bottom no i'm in the middle yes you have to no look it up how to make a sandwich is that what we're going to call it how to make a sandwich the proper way to make a sandwich what are the steps to make a sandwich you get two pieces of bread you put the cheese on the bread you put two or more pieces of meat on the sandwich you add your lettuce and tomatoes and then you put me and then you put mayonnaise and mustard on it on a sandwich no it goes on the bread you can't put it on meters don't specify that in the instructions of how to make it it says after you're done making the sandwich get you something cold to drink it's pretty funny [Music] all the solar panels and solar components are being shipped to us by the solar company itself but today we need to go out and pick up all of the miscellaneous electrical pieces that will allow us to actually install the solar power system the first time the electrical supply house we got all the pipe and wire that's everything that needs to connect the solar panels to the inverter and all awkward stuff thanks for your help guys thank you [Music] interquarter pvc 90s and it's your quarter of female adapters [Music] get your recorder and use cover in a bell box okay down there got you [Music] get it girl get it girl get it girl i don't know how many of you guys recommended to us that we try this baked orange thing to get our sense of taste and smell back we're going to in a desperate attempt to give it a shot we'll see [Music] i don't really have high hopes for this if it works it's like pure witchery and if it doesn't work then the fact checkers were right all i could think about is though what would your brother think we're doing he's a medical doctor i know he is the orange is actually caught on fire i put them out everything's going off in here somehow chuck hears that high fish noises barking this is a good idea [Music] to start the rebuilding of life [Music] the roads that they open are many [Music] oh i can taste a little bit of sweetness though okay might taste been hovering around around 42 percent for the past three or four days how's it going i can taste salt and i can taste a tiny bit of it tastes sweet but i can't use anything else because the orange a little bit that's not because of this because it's come back if i'm at 50 tomorrow success i call success but i doubt it that's not fair i just want my taste back i'm gonna eat good food well i don't think i mean i can't really taste it so i can't really say that but it tastes a little bit sweet so it's not bad ain't stopping that is it i can't take bigger bites than i do how long does it take to work if it works did you did you find out the lady on youtube said in the first hour she got her taste back really can't believe everything you see on the internet josh [Music] you got it nice sparkling apple cider is it good yeah all right haiti come on come on this is this is what i used to drink all the time as a kid on new year's eve did you do this on new year's eve yeah good yeah [Music] i would just cut this open put in a bowl and use it as dip hit the graham crackers and do that chips and get you done perfect is everybody serious yes i was joking that shows you how old the boys are i okay know my goodness we have to get ellie's vote before we do that ellie i have a question for you do we build the gingerbread house or do we just put all of this icing into a bowl and then break up the gingerbread house and dip it and eat it um build the gingerbread house choose three [Music] this morning are you eating the gingerbread people in-house or are you building gingerbread people in-house everybody in favor of digging in and eating the gingerbread house say hi and that's a wrap you finally made the 2021 truck i'm quite surprised i'm not gonna lie you can do it chucky we're pulling for 2022 now seven six five four one three two [Music] happy new year everyone we hope that your 2021 is full of health and happiness see you next time

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