Now the Electric Company Is Paying Me: The SlightlyRednecked Solar Power Project 1 Month Review

yeah hello again welcome to another slightly redneck video here I do a little bit of a review of my my solar panels that I've got on the roof here it's been just a couple of months I got them distilled into December and this is March 7th today March 8th today sorry so it's been just a couple of months I've had enough time now where I think I've got a pretty good idea of how the solar panels work and I've got one full bill on you know while working on the the solar panels so that's the good news so let's take a look at that look at that there's my electric bill and you can see seventeen dollar credit do not pay I'm actually I have two electric bills because they split it up and you see on this one twenty dollar credit do not pay and I'll explain these to you here in just a second but basically I'm building up credits with the with the electric company here so before I get into the bill itself let's take a look at the the panels and we'll see how they're performing I haven't looked at them in a while so we'll go take a look at my meter and we'll see how many credits I built up with the electric company so before then it's may look a little confusing to you but this is the basic thing this is my meter it's going to display here in just a second how many kilowatts I've used delivered is how many they've delivered to me 1301 and then received is how many they've received from me 1928 so I've way out produced what I've used and that's what we'll build up as a credit on my bill so I get a pretty pretty good system so far let's uh step back here we'll take a look at what they look like again alright so again if you haven't seen my my solar panels before those are my panels faces the front of the house on that side and on this side of the house so it's a pretty good system a grid tie system and not much more to say about that alright just try to explain a little bit how these bills work because I got a little bit confused when I got them this is my main meter bill you can see it shows that I had a previous bill of 136 dollars I was on a level payment playing with my electric company so I paid the same amount every single month just you know build up a credit during the winter work it off during the summer so that's where that hundred and $36 previously came from balance forward was $136 and I'm in and up with the $20 and 57 cent credit part of that is because of this level payment plan that I was on when I came off that I had a little bit of a credit built up but if I turn this bill over on the back this gives you a little bit of a better idea so you can see you know got a customer charge of twelve dollars and fifty two cents that's standard every month just for being hooked up to the grid I used five hundred and eighty kilowatt hours at 0.12 to five four which would have been a bill of seventy one dollars and seven cents now my electric companies not real sophisticated yet they have to hand write in my usage but you can see they've credited me five hundred and eighty kilowatt hours for a total of seventy four seventy nine that's basically these charges right here with four cents for some of those kilowatts for the energy efficient program cost for the fuel cost those charges right there is basically what that is and then there's a there's a franchise fee that comes in with that as well so basically my bill would have been $13.32 had I not already built up credits that has nothing to do with my solar panel system right there that is just credits I built up because I was on a level payment plan but so I would have had a $13 and 32 cent bill from my electric company had it not been for those credits I built up now they send a separate bill I know this is confusing they send a separate bill for my net metering which is basically the credits I'm building up for everything over what I use everything I produce over what I use and this is just a credit $17 and 79 cent credit more than pays for the $13 and 32 cents I would have had had I not already had credits built up hopefully that makes sense so turn this bill over again and you'll just see the back it shows a usage charge it shows current monthly charges five hundred and one kilowatts that's the difference between the five hundred and eighty that they credited to my bill that I used and what I produced over that five hundred eighty s five hundred and one kilowatt hours they only pay me three point five cents per kilowatt that comes out to a credit of 1779 so The Electric Company is buying back my electricity basically at the same rate that they would buy it from another supplier so it's not huge money that you're going to be building up here but with this credit working in and the way that my solar panels are working it more than covers my bill and actually ends up with a little bit more of a credit because I would have only had a 13 dollar bill so you know had it not been for the credits I built up from the level payment plan I would have ended up with about a four dollar credit after paying everything on my electric bills so you kind of get the idea there solar panels they do work so let me turn this video camera around here we'll get this video closed out all right so you can see that my solar panels are working out great so far I'm a little bit curious to see what it's going to look like in the middle of summer when I'm running my air conditioner I imagine they'll be you know at least a month or two they're where I'll have a little bit of an electric bill I have to pay because you know running the air conditioner runs up my electric bills but so far things were working great I mean we have longer days in the summer more sunlight so I'll produce more electricity but I'm gonna be using a whole lot more too so I really don't know what to expect there I don't expect it to be vastly different than what I'm doing right now what what the hope is is that those $4 $5 a month credits that I'm building up will pretty much cover those couple of months in the summer when I'm using my air conditioner and running the electric bills way up so let's see what it looks like when it gets there but you can see by my bill when I was on the electric or the yeah the auto payment or that excuse me the level pay plan with my electric company what they do is they just basically take all your charges for the year they average it out and you pay that same amount every month so it avoids the summer time your bill going way up and then going down in the winter time so you can kind of budget a little bit better so but I was paying 136 dollars a month for my electric every single month that was on my level payment plan my solar panels are costing me right now a hundred and twelve dollars a month so enough I mean I'm getting a $20 roughly a $20 drop in rate I'm paying for solar panels instead of paying the electric company and even if I do end up with a you know fifteen twenty dollar bill from the electric company I'm still breaking even I'm still coming out on top for the year so so far solar panels have been in great investment for me also the company that I went with Missouri's Sun solar you know that when the bills came in I mean there's a little bit of confusion on there so I send it to them to help me kind of figure that out and they were very helpful in doing that they even though you know they've already installed everything they've already done everything I contacted them said hey I got my first bill I'm confused about this and there were very helped me to felt full to put me in contact with my energy rep and help me get some of these things kind of sorted out this is kind of new in my area not a lot of people doing solar it's a fairly new thing the electric companies not quite up on it yet you could see that to handwrite things in on the bill because their system can't report it so I was real appreciative that Missouri Sun solar was able to uh to kind of give me a little bit of feedback there I called my electric company and they were helpful as well but it was nice to be able to to talk to people on both sides of that and and get some feedback from them and they didn't you know the the impressive thing about Missouri Sun solar is that I've already signed my paperwork they've already got the installation done I'm already making payments on my solar panels they didn't have to do anything for me at that point but they were willing to do it so I appreciate that good company to work with and they've been just just very friendly and very helpful for me all along the way so I can't say enough good about them as far as that goes and you know I'm not sponsored by them I'm not getting anything for this video but if you do use Missouri Sun solar make sure to use me as a reference I think I left my full name on the bill so you can see my full name even if you know me is slightly red necked trust me they'll know who that is if you use that name to use me as a referral though if you if you decide to sign up with solar power form because I'll get a little bit of a referral bonus from that and I appreciate that so anyway thank you very much for watching I appreciate your time and as always god bless you

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