Notstrom Teil 3: Funktionsweise des Goal Zero Yeti 150

welcome back welcome back yes i said i will introduce you a big thing in front and that is now the smallest in front So discover this is the yeti 150 and the 150 is now a bit smaller from the capacity so a normal one car battery but that still exists in the 400 aggression and it still exists in the 1200 r version so the 250 r version is much more and there is already the 400 and the 250 it is really great for köthen or for an emergency power supply Maintaining it at home so that's an absolutely great number this is now the yeti 150 the entry-level device from the big ones Here you can take it with you so nicely and we have different ones here connections to it we have the entrance here you can now as long as you have electricity or you are at home you can wire that Plug the power supply into the socket and then insert the input plug here and then the camera starts to load here you can see them at the same time battery capacity is i now do not see the display taken it is at 80 percent that means that your usb is activated can you then use the usb output then when you press on it is the 12 volt output activated there we can then charge anything like that cigarette lighter plug and if you stick on it then you can You can charge everything that would be plugged into the socket or at home so now no vacuum cleaner or a fridge and tv of the pact the little one here not but the gt 400 goes down the 250 so maybe they wouldn't it is essential to pack a strong vacuum cleaner but such a refrigerator or television So the big one is an amazing number and the small one here there is now the thought, for example, to make such a lamp a for Any lamps or chargers from the laptop and so on, everything now not extremely much juice looks so vacuum cleaner or something I would now I can't do it, I wouldn't do it either that is a reasonably small battery but what is so important to you electrical appliances have gps mobile phone laptop this rail that could be over the device wonderful load here you now switch it on you know from ac / dc direct current alternating current or alternating current direct current and now you have here this is practically your mains socket as known from the purely and now you can plug in your consumer then also switch on via usb then you can see the battery how much juice the comrade and then usb plug in and the part does not start to load there is no juice immediately to the detailed picture of the device up here either comes the last one hall from coupé gt or your solar modules from the same manufacturer here you can caro der tod is now either plug in the power supply Often the socket then runs with the part to the eurobike and it is critical then the teaching sucks with all your devices and so on then that could use as a normal backup charging station once when he says hey me if he wants long-term benefits then he simply puts input into this solar module one to four pieces, for example of the number 13, so of the big one Solar modules from the fight module that I showed you in part can be found there Connect them together and plug in here or there is even the large solar modules really solid so that's all not a topic that's the cool thing to relax of course, a solar module is dimensioned accordingly by the manufacturer that it fits for the size plugs it here and that was what you need he forgive not great or that easy one pieces are underlaid automatically as soon as the sun hits the solar module field and I think that's really cool and about all these adapters and charging options, you can actually charge everything you need and that's the nice thing, so that's not just a system for what it is ultra-light is so 350 400 grams is already going so very small ultralight stories to recharge small batteries on the go about sun there is a pulse of your there is also the larger devices the larger devices they are quite suitable for at home sometimes when the excavator driver tore down the power line or Be that has formed or a tree over which on the power line has fallen there are many different ways why the electricity nowadays can fail so even with us it was already in store the power was turned off twice with the overhead line Something must have been fixed and so on that's cool if they customers come in and yes there are no lights on and so on yes so that is an interesting thing if you still have the computer and so on The important things can not continue to operate and these devices of the yeti 150 is that the children's model I would say now for little hats where you can says yes big villas cell phones charge cell phone every now and then laptop then show with 150 he is well served when he says okay I have a mountain hut I would like one have a little luxury or i want to have history for emergency power at home I would do the four because we can do a few more times charge your laptop and that's a nice face story along with the solar module then you can really work really well with it and for them guys who say I want the thickest thing then it is very clear then it says 12.50 he on the note with the corresponding large solar modules and then it could really rock he could then even continue to operate if need be yes, that's really cool, it's such a nice little device here and that's why I introduced you to there is no wiring Stories and our stripping and so on just plug in and go is that possible i think that's cool that's why we have it in our range and yes maybe a little background we don't get any money from my stomach now Have presented today or the area as well as no money for free or something like that means we do it purely from customer service so that you can already see what the devices can do what is suitable for you, maybe that too purpose now fulfills the different yetis in comparison there is the 105 16 402 50 150 is the daily by smartphone 15 two times you can use it to explain to the load 50 hours of 12 volt lamps operate so set alright but for click and so on you can definitely hit the 400 or the 12 15 then we can even if we have to close judge completely or television so see you in the special depot and shadow that you run out of power again

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