No Penetration (Part 1) Metal Roof Solar Panel Install !

hey guys from aggregor on Isles a Haida Gwaii for our island adventure alright nice calm day cloudy but good day for putting up some solar panels if you look behind me you can see my house and I've got a new metal roof on there and I'm going to be starting to put some solar panels up there but the one thing you don't want to do when you put a new metal roof on his terms drilling some holes through the roof to support it so I found an interesting product – a mouse-over panel see roof and I use this back in Calgary so it not works and I've used many many installations or I've had metal roofs and these things are designed to hold wind loads up to 135 miles an hour so let me take a look let me show you what I got okay guys so these are the solar panels and I'm going to be putting up in the roof there's one point four kilowatts of power here and I got two strings of three panels I've got one already mounted up in the roof and that's the rest of spring one there's string two and this is bring my my messy messy power supply trailer my name is home this is the product okay you can see I'm the label on the front of it it's put out by a company called s5 now what these do is these clamp around the edge of the ribs of the standing seam roof and that would have is they have what's called a PV kit that screws into the top of this I'll show you that okay and it mounts on to that base okay this is where your solar panel sits on top of and it's got wire supports underneath and then these come under like this clips it's on the edge of the panel and these clamps get screwed down tight and hold it on so very very nice mounting on the edge of the panel okay holds it and you can mount two rows together so you can mount one like this so you got in here mount your panels I did a different layer let me go over these ones here these over together okay and and I'll sit on there and share the thing and that goes down and clamp them both together and that is a secure secure mount for your solar panels on the roof let me go show you how they map to the roof okay guys so I'm on the roof and I'm looking at this solar panel and I just put up and this is basically how they mount the little teeth go under the edge of the seam it clamps on the end and it's a big set screw that you torque to a hundred and fifty inch pounds or 150 foot pounds and that becomes a really tight secure mount so unless you got a win it's going to pull your roof off these panels aren't going to go anywhere what I do on mine is I mount I use three these panels are four feet wide and they fit on the third they fit on three ribs of the roof so I got three on the bottom three on the top and I'm going to mount the second string of solar panels on top so I'm going to have three along here and then three along up above it two strings giving me just over 1.4 kilowatts of power all right so what I'm going to use for controller and stuff let's go see alright guys so we're in the little warehouse and this is what I'm using for a charge controller this is a Xan tracks MPPT 6150 this is excellent excellent and charge controller okay the inverter I'm going to be using is going to be a magma sign 40:24 is going to be a 24 volt systems can be off-grid got my Guillory panel that I'm going to be running for power backups midnite solar combiner box then additional transfer station for other things miscellaneous oh that's combiner box so my batteries are going to be on there there's 400 amp hours of battery storage down there and again this is going to be off-grid backup so this is going to be the system I'm installing alright I'll end this for today and when I'm done I'll do another video and go from there but hang on what are you barking at silly dog Madison Madison what are you barking at hey who's over there there's nobody there yes alright guys so so my day is heading on here so let's get some more panels up there alright guys you have a great days Norma grater on Isles a Haida Gwaii putting in some backup solar you

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