my off-grid life just got upgraded… with solar power 🌞 allpowers 606Wh

foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] we have a really sunny day today so i think it's going to be great to demonstrate how easy it is to set up this solar panel so the whole kit is two things that's the solar power generator which i would rather describe as a massive power bank because it has all these outlets here on the sides and it stores a lot of power like eight power banks of what i energy kind of capacity i had so far so i think it's 164 000 milliamps uh so that's here and that's the solar panel it has this pocket inside of which there are all the cables you need to connect it to this thing which is not a lot it's just this uh this cable um so i'm going to show you how to set it up easily has this really cool clips so it's really easy to open and it's uh yeah it's inside of there so the instruction says that like you can't just pull it out without it being connected because it starts to generate energy immediately so we're just going to connect it to this to the generator first so it's just super easy right here make sure that it's fitting well okay and these are little legs so it's kind of leaning to the back each panel has its own little leg i'll start setting it up one by one they are much easier to detach than it is to attach [Music] and this is it we all set here so on the back end this is connected and you can see here that now the reading is 22 watts because we have a cloud covering our beautiful sunny sky so for a couple of minutes it's gonna be less so this is some close-up shots of the thing it has these really handy lights which are quite powerful i checked it in last evening but it was what is also great about this whole setup is that you can charge it in multiple ways meaning this part is for charging it from a car so if you're driving on a road trip then you can charge that device in the meantime there is another input that allows you to charge this from a normal socket if you have access to it obviously and with this port you charge it from the solo panel the solar panel i got here is the most powerful one they had in stock which is 200 watts so i guess the full day of sun provides you with the full solar power generator and it should last you for a couple of days so even if not every day is as sunny as here you can still have a few days of independence in case the weather goes downhill and it's not that good i mean i've been living in this house for two and a half months now and i only had a power bank that could charge my phone a couple of times so far so i cook with gas i only have like usb lamps this is a really big upgrade in my life i'm really excited and i'm really grateful to be able to to have it from now because that device back there will also allow me to run devices up to 500 watts meaning that i can use my sewing machine i can have more powerful lights maybe a little blender like a small one this is my fan station so far uh the most devices i had plugged in was two of my phones and my laptop so for me as a creator on youtube this is everything i really need because you know two phones is more than enough my laptop is providing me with everything i need for editing for browsing the internet so i just wanted to jump quickly because i think there is a couple of more things to add in terms of where did i get it how long did it take to arrive so if you go to aliexpress i will have a link down in the description this is the most powerful station so i think i could do with a less powerful one but i wanted it to be future proof that's why i just went for the biggest one i could afford same with the panel so i bought it on aliexpress good thing is that they do have stock in europe so you avoid long waiting times i ordered it on sunday and on wednesday it was with me that limits any risk of damage during transport so the whole setup came up to around just about 800 euros it's portable it's very powerful and it's gonna allow me to do more things during winter and generally be more creative come back to you know making some clothes and editing my vlogs without relying on someone else's good humor to let me charge my laptop in the meantime so i do feel much more independent now so there was no problem of running out of power it's very lightweight each of the things both solar panel and the generator weighs not that much definitely less than five kilograms for each item share any questions down there in the comments and i'll try to answer i just wanted to share my happiness here with you and that means really good things for for my channel so i hope that you will follow along and i will see you next time [Music] ah papa [Music]

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