Hello YouTubers, you are welcome to another
of my YouTube video, today’s video is all about showing you how I upgraded my solar
setup, I have now a 200AH deep cycle battery and am gonna be showing you how I hooked it
up, to my Inverter, Charge Controller and Solar Panel As you can see this is a very massive battery. And very massive indeed. Alright, 12-volt 200 AH see my tape across it, you can see this is more than one foot, is massive indeed. I have added 250 watts to my 130 watt panel,
but in this installation, am gonna be making use of only one 250 watt Solar Panel. Alright, it is time to hook up the wires to
the charge controller, right now am looking for the positive side of the battery on the
Charge Controller and here is it, tighten it firmly, alright, now is time to connect
the negative terminal of the battery on the charge controller I just feel like lifting this Inverter for proper ventilation, now I want to hook up
the Inverter, the Charge Controller and the battery so I pick up the positive end of
the Inverter and am gonna hook up to the positive end of the battery, you can see positive
red or plus red and minus negative (that’s minus) so the red is usually positive while
the black is negative Now, pick my Charge Controller locating the positive side, so I trace the positive side and join it with the positive connection, so what I have now is positive terminal of the battery coming from the Charge Controller, positive side
coming from the Inverter all going to the positive side of the battery, so everything
positive here, as in everything positive, I don’t want a loose connection, I want
a firm connection, alright.

Now is time to hook up the negative terminal, Now from my charge controller, locate the negative terminal of the battery and join
it with negative terminal of the battery and also the negative side on the Inverter, so
everting negative, so is as simple so is as simple, I have 3 components here, Inverter, Charge Controller and the battery, put all the positive together and put all the negative together and you
are good to go, and that is it, I should have the voltage of my battery now Is time to hook up the Solar Panels, sorry, I have just one Solar Panel outside, so this
mark here shows me this’s the positive terminal of my Solar Panel, am using one 250 watt Solar
Panel, so on my Charge Controller, am going to look for the Solar Panel icon and locate
the positive this is were an going to hook up the positive terminal of the Solar Panel
as simple as that, now I take the negative and also locate the negative terminal on the
Charge Controller, like I always said, I need a firm connection, and here is my system,
set, battery voltage is now 12.2, and there is something blinking there showing you that
the Solar Panel is charging the battery.

So, here is the remote and extension cable
of the Inverter, most Inverters don’t come with this, but there should be a switch somewhere
on the Inverter, for switching on and off of the Inverter, so if your Inverter doesn’t
come with a remote control, never mind, just use the switch somewhere on the Inverter. So, one end is on the remote. The other end of the cable will go to the
Inverter, now here is the supply to my shed, so am gonna plug this and this gonna distribute
the electricity in my shed so everythingthing is complete, you see it takes less than 8 minutes to set these things up And here is it, we have electricity in the shed, so
right now, let’s see what we can power from this electricity from 250 watt Solar Panel,
so first of all I go with the light And that’s it, secondly try the ceiling fan, and there
it is, so I have my ceiling fan and my electric bulb on at the moment, I would like to add
some gadgets to this and here is my laptop, so am gonna connect the adapter of my laptop
and charge from solar.

Now watch the battery of the laptop, is not
charging at the moment, and there it is. Is now charging, so we have the laptop the
ceiling fan and the electric bulb When I pull in out it stops to charge, I get it back in, it begins to charge. Alright, I have a subwoofer here, I will like
to turn this on as well. This is the audio cable, am gonna plug this
into 3.5mm jack on my laptop. Ok, so can I play a song now? Hmmmm ok yeah, I can actually play a song,
an audio And here we are, (music playing but I remove
the audio due to copyright).

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