My CRINGIEST PC Build EVER – feat. Twomad

– Six months ago, the
Coronavirus shut down the world, putting an end to our plans for in-person video collaborations. That is until I found out that the one and only Twomad
is based in my hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. So, welcome him to the
party ladies and gentleman, because we are gonna be, oh,
that's a lot of alcohol smell. I got it all over the mask. We're gonna be building a PC here. Let's go. Here's a sanitized screwdriver. I got it alcohol all over it, yeah. – Thanks, man. – We're gonna have some fun here. I have some bad news for you though. – What? – Your PC's already out of date. – What? – We got the Geforce RTX 2080 Super, because, we arranged the parts for
this a little while ago.

– Damn, I dunno much about computers. – This is a old shit one. – Ah, that sucks. – Yeah, sorry about that. – This water is so good. (laughter) – If you're joining Team Red, check out ASUS's ROG B550-F motherboard. It's got great connectivity, and that gamer style that gamers like. Check it out at the link below. (upbeat music) Okay, so, rule number
one building a computer, close your damn water bottle. – I'm sorry. You're gonna tip that over. You're gonna get it all over your. (beep) – Yeah, thank you, that's a tech tip. – That's a free tech tip, right there. So, have you ever built a computer before? – Yeah, a couple of times. And I was like, I was doing the thing, and it was zapping my hand, or
whatever, and I turned it on, and it wouldn't turn off. – So you killed it. – Yeah. – Okay, so that's why I'm
here to supervise this time.

So, Twomad actually did
a little bit of work prior to the collab today. (chuckling) Okay, I think I miss, I think I might've. – Fortnite! – Is that a solar panel? Solar panel. – It's for the LEDs, but like, I dunno, maybe, I was gonna figure it out later. There's gaming here. – People spend that kind
of money on Fortnite? Yeah, you gotta get the pickax. – Got the Asia themed side. – Yeah, that's my favorite band, BTS. That's you! – You found this picture of me. Well, thank you for that. – Wait, how old were you in this picture? – You put a toque on me. Um, grade nine, so I'm like 14, I guess. – Wow. – Yeah, about your age. – Yeah. (laughter) (upbeat music) – We're gonna get coffee rage strength! A Jimin head.

– Yeah, that's my favorite
character out of all of them in BTS, there's like
eight members, I think. – Wait, you put an SE on here? – Yeah. – Why would you do that? – Um. Because you wanna go fast, right? (vroom) (screech) This actually, legitimately looks like you put a lot of time into it. – It was about like five days of work. – Wow, So you got the underwear on there without even interrupting the airflow. – Yeah. – Had you considered at all how we're going to open it, and put a computer in it? – Yes, this comes off. – Does it? Because it's taped on. – Do we have knife? – Wait, so you play
Minecraft on PlayStation? – Yeah, I just took that from my brother.

I put the mix-tape in there. – Tell you what, why don't
we put aside for now? And we'll. – Yes. – Why don't we build the computer? – Yes. – You're gonna do it. Open this puppy up for us. This is your motherboard. So, this supports the latest third generation Ryzen processors. PCI-Express Gen-4. Now you said the computer
is for elite gaming. Are you only gonna play Fortnite on it? That's it.

I'm downgrading your graphics. I actually already got the downgraded old graphics card anyway. Okay, fine, Fortnite, what else? – Minecraft. – Yup. – On the PC, not PS4. – Beautiful, get that ray tracing. – Yeah, and what's that one
game that came out recently? Runescape. – Okay, you told me you were gonna use this for video editing. That's why it's so over-spec'd. – Oh yeah, true. Nah, I was joking, no
Fortnite, no V-bucks. Editing and streaming. – Editing and streaming. Okay, so that's why we're
going third gen Ryzen, go ahead and pop the
motherboard out of there. – Is there such a thing
as like a fatherboard? – There's daughter boards. – Really!? – Yeah. This right here is your boot drive. – Right. – This thing is like. (beep) Caught fast. PCI-Express Gen-4, two terabytes. And then you've actually got a second one. This is a slower Rocket Q. – Okay. – So, this uses QLC NAND. – Is that four terabytes? – Yeah, four terabytes. – Dude, you are hooking me up, my guy! – Well, yeah, what do you think this is? This line is tech tips. – I'm just kidding.

– Yeah, of course. Oh well, we got the gloves, right? Practice safe handshaking. – Thanks, bro. – All right, there we go. – You gave me like uh, a medium McDonald's cup size. (beep) – Do you want smaller gloves? – Yeah. – You got a bit of
condom tip going on here. – Yeah, I got baby hands, I need smaller. – I'm just gonna get you a nice, fine-tip screwdriver here. All right, there you go. – You got a lot of tips in here. – Yup, all the tips. – Is this the right? (whimpering) – That's my thing, stop! – Oh, sorry. (laughter) – And also, no, that's
not the one you need. You need this one. – Oh okay. So, it should have a magnetic tip. And then you just go ahead, and push it down with
one finger, and screw it. Good. Okay, yup, great. Awesome! So, that's your boot drive. Got your windows operating system. – Yeah. – All right, then we need to
put in your secondary drive. – Okay. – So we do the whole process again.

– I feel like uh, those space X guys. When they're making the machines. – More. – How many more? Until it comes loose. (whew) It's not loose yet. There you go. Yeah, we're good, okay. Our SSD's are installed, K. Yes, K. All right, good. Wow, that was the most flaccid high five I think I've ever experienced. (chuckling) All right. Supposed to be when you're. Oh, I'm so sorry, you guys. It's because of people on Twitter, they asked me to do this. 12 core processor, third gen Ryzen. This thing is hella fast. – Okay. You could run Fortnite,
edit video, and code video on the background, and stream, all at the same time. I'm not gonna do it. Bro, I can't do this. – Just drop it. It's fine. – Big moves, man.

– All the way down. And kinda, yeah, there you go. K, all right, now we're
gonna install the RAM. So CORSAIR a really good
pairing for your processor. This is 3,200 megaherz VENGEANCE RGB PRO. So, you can have all your
RGB crap, and all that. And also it's 3,200 megaherz. That's a really good speed, for this CPU. – Okay. – And, very generously, they actually sent over 32 Gigs of RAM. Yeah, yeah, good, thumbs is better. Yup, yup, yup. There you go. – I'm strong. – That was perfect. – ABC's of gaming, coming soon to LTTshop. What is it, ca or com? – (slam) I have some bad news for you though. You know that the
motherboard is gonna cover up all of your BTS stickers here, right? – Yeah, I know, that sucks. – Yeah, that's good. – It's in the nub NIBIN. – Is it? – Yeah. – All right! Did this come with any screws? – Uh.

(beep) Fortunately for you, we have this, with the drawer called, computer screws. You get to pick eight. (excitement) – Wait, the other side comes off? – Well, I hope so. – Oh shit. Disaster incoming. I didn't think of this one. – Oh my God. You legitimately didn't. It doesn't go in like that. (beep) Twomad made a small booboo, and didn't bring the power
supply mounting bracket, or any of the other mounting hardware, but that's okay.

So, here's what we're gonna do. Okay, Oi!! Not necessary, hold on. – Oh. – Okay, so we're gonna go cables in first. You gotta be kidding me. The screws are back here. And so is the plate. Here's our power supply bracket. (laughter) – Hey we back! – So this is a classic
computer building technique. So you see these cables, right? – Yeah. – We don't want to see that. So we take him, jam 'em in there, and now they're gone. – Woo, it's like Houdini. – Yeah. – Like skateboard. – What do you call your mother
when she's really bored? – Motherboard. (laughter) Pomegranate! – You want the pomegranate watermelon. – Pomegranate! – Supposedly, it contains ingredients that will help
increase your gamer focus. – Whoa. Oh, it's a mask. – It's a mask with a PCB on it! – That's incredible, man. It's got the daughterboard. – So, you got one of the
first four in the world. You got nothing on Twomad.

(laughter) I'm gonna read Fortnite for Dummies here. You can hold unlimited ammunition, so it'll always pick it up, when you come across it! Learning made easy! Table of contents. You got the video tab, the
game tab, the brightness. (chuckling) You've got the brightness tab. I need more brightness! We chose an RTX 2080 Super, because at the time of putting together the
parts list for the build, it was a great balance
of gaming performance, and creation performance. With of course, the latest NVENC Encoder, because he's gonna be streaming. And this is actually how
you're gonna daily drive it? – I'm taking it home, and I'm gonna press the power on button, I'm gonna play gaming. – See this kinda gap here? – Yes. – That's where our power
cables for the motherboard, for the CPU have to go.

– Okay. – Because we couldn't run it behind, because you glued the damn panel on. No, no, we're in, we're in. – But this side's uneven. – Oh, how's that not in? Oh, it wasn't lined up. Oh, dangit, dude. Okay, we're good, we're good, we're good. – We should put one of
those gums in there. – We could put gum in there if you'd like, for the, yeah, you can put them. If you do it, it's kind
of on you, I guess. – I actually wanna chew this one. – It does smell really nice, doesn't it? Gimme your Vegas odds on this thing booting up the first try. – 100% – Got a little bit of
graphics card saggage here. – Uh oh. – Hey! More flaccid high five, thanks for that.

Oh, wow! The RGB effect on the front! Actually fricking awesome. What are you using right now? – I got a 2080 Ti i9. – What? Shut up, do you really? – Yeah. – Are you serious? – But it's like beepity-boopity, it doesn't work. – You have got to be kidding me? – I have it, but it don't worky. – Why are we building
a computer for someone who already has a top
of the line computer!? You coulda just brought it here, I coulda fixed it! – Oh really? – Of course! – Ah, this is funnier anyways. – Oh my God. Did you know about this? – [Nicholas] I did not know about this. – So you just have a broken, but top of the line computer? – Yeah. – Oh my God! – It runs. – What do you mean it runs and works!? – But like weirdly, I play Fortnite, and I'm gaming, it's fine, and then two seconds later it freezes.

– It's probably just
overheating, or something. – Nah, I broke it. – Okay, how did you measure it's coolness? – Uh, my hand. (laughter) I just put my hand on it, and I just checked. – Fucking guy. So, we actually downgraded
your computer today. Well, not the CPU. The CPU's gonna be better, for like, creative applications, and your channel's
nothing if not creative. – Creative mode! – Minecraft Hey, there we go! – Hey, hey! – Not much glow through the
underwear hole, unfortunately. If you get five kills, I'll be a 100 dollars.

– What!? – Right now. – Are you serious!? – Right now! – All right, I'm popping off. – I lost my wallet a little while ago. I recently found it, and there was some money in it. This is yours if you get five kills. – The pressure's on. Look at this guy. One! (beep) – You got one. Shut up! – Bro, I got two kills! You gimme da money! – Am I going to lose a $100? Dude, what are you chickening out? – Is that a guy? – Yes! My money! You got beat by a junior kid! – His head looks like
the side of my computer, with the leaves, man.

– He's junior and a kid. That's okay, consolation prize, one fast gaming computer. No crashing during Fortnite. – Hey! – Thanks for coming out. – Hey, thank you! – Aw, it's so awful. All right, anyway. Yeah, that's better. – Hey! – Yeah, that's better, all right. Nice, thanks, nice to meet you. Guys, thanks for watching. Linode provides virtual servers, that make it easy, and affordable to host your own app, site, service, or whatever
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basically the same thing.

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