MRE Solar Power Show #1

paying too much for electricity here's a thought go solar save money stats imp listen ova an MRE we provide the solar panels you get the same electricity as your neighbor just the whole lot cheaper but here's the best part as utility costs go up your rates warmed home micronesia renewable energy with zero down solar energy 632 26 130 go so would save money Glennis in half a day everyone thank you for joining us here guam talks calm today we've decided to expand our show category to include other areas of interest from our popular request i guess if you will people are asking for different topics such as education language of course from the learner more calm website professionals business one area that we've recently took interest with is solar power we've teamed up with the islands most experienced most qualified most educated person in the solar industry and we're very fortunate to have him for a weekly host co-host for the category of solar power solar energy the reason why we wanted to cover this area of industry is because of the boom it seems to be that everywhere you turn newspaper TV radio solar power seems to be the rage and fir guess what guys for the first time here on go on you have an option to choose what power energy source provider to save you money it's not just about GPA anymore it's an exciting new error here in Guam for energy and we have the best person to talk about it they educate us on the new alternative energy for solar power Jeff will Colo micronesia renewable energy

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