Mountain wind trading company charge controller for wind turbines and solar panels

hi I'm a mountain wind trading and I'm here to show you some of our products that we carry this here is our brand new all-in-one three-phase charge controller this will handle 440 apps in 10,000 watts and is wind and solar capable hey the charge controller consists of our processor right here the light flashing green one time slowly it means that the batteries are full linking more off of the batteries a little low then it will charge up then you push this button here you can put it in the divert mode right there it'll take them divert any excess energy have into the Heat resistors now we can burn up any other side keep your batteries in a good float staying where they want to be comes with the relay switch which handles wind and solar together so you can connect from your solar panel you're positive negatives will come down you will connect in here so you can hook up your solar panels to it they also take them right down into the battery for Charlie the phone works off of the solar panel right now come from the positive negative leads come down into the relay to hook up here the controller comes pre-wired with the two cables they go directly to your battery stuff so you can connect right to them that's as easy to store looking up it comes also with the rectifier for a three-phase turbine so that you can connect directly off of the brake switch here which allows you to stop it or to have a producing power depending up to need to do any maintenance or anything to it you can also have optional meters on there to read out what they're producing and you can hook up several trips this switch handles up to 50 amps for the turbine so depending on what the output for the amperage is will depend on the weather you can put through the turbine but this will have a multiple term is up to 50 ask the rectifier that we use here is a 70 amp rectifier so carry that load from that also and then we have several meters and other items that you can put in with this awesome this is a voltmeter ammeter he connected the system so you can see what you're put out a square on your systems coming through it so you do is look that in line and you'll be reading what you got producing there and then has needy if you get more turbines and you're exceeding your limit on the switch all you need to do is put another one in line here there's the right to fire you can add more as you go and the same thing for the resistors on the controller for each one just add more resistors and just soak them in parallel and you'll have a system that's capable handling that all right I want to show you what our arse looks like for our PMA's coming up with our turbines they come off the turbines three-phase so we have the harness already hooked up into the PMA all you have to do is plug this in you have the buck connectors here then you have clamp down the heat shrink so their mother protect it so you hook that up into your turbine then you would take your three wires your black bead and white here and you would connect them into your switch all you need to do is a one wire to each of the wires here it doesn't matter which way they go you just took one each one and you have your system set up and ready to go this charge controller comes in 12 or 24 volt setup and if you've got fortunately had one that's cooked at the lesser quality maybe an import from China or something this one here is made in America by Americans will handle what is out there for you so any questions or anything in thick to look at the video my name is Hank with mountain wind training I'm sorry this is Hank out of mountain winded training I forgot to mention when you have your power ready to go for your batteries you need somewhere to put it through so that you can use it we use aims and burgers made by ants corporations so that we can make sure we've got a good quality item you can get them in modified and pure sine-wave or what you need thanks again

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