Microinverter Test Using Agilent SAS Part 1 of 11– Intro

Hi. My name is Gary Raposa and I work as an
application engineer here at Agilent Technologies. Today I’d like to talk to you about testing
a microinverter using a solar array simulator, but first I’d like to go over what the role of
microinverter is in a solar power collection system. So this is actually a microinverter
and typically this is installed on a roof along with the solar panels that are collecting
solar energy. And the output of a solar panel is DC electricity and this microinverter takes
that DC as an input and it converts it into AC as an output. There’s an AC output on
this side right here and there’s another one that could come out here. They would get
strung together in order to combine the power from all of the solar panels and eventually
get routed down to a circuit breaker box and get wired into the circuit breaker box to
provide power either to the residence that’s using the solar energy system, or the
office, or even put power back onto the grid, selling it back to the utility company.

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