Making Room for Solar Power in Sunny Singapore

You can even fry an egg outdoors. But there's one thing that sure likes the sun. I work with various agencies to better plan the locations of solar panels in Singapore. Wait, first off Solar panels are a source of clean energy. It also provides electricity to common corridors HDB lifts and other areas that need electricity. Solar panels absorb energy from the sun and convert it to electricity that will then be distributed in our grid. But this is not a science class, so I'll spare you the details. Hmm. And, since Singapore is so sunny it must be the best place to harvest solar energy? Although Singapore is a very good place for solar we do get a lot of clouds as well and this affects the amount of electricity that can be generated.

This is known as Because of this intermittency we will still need to rely on conventional power plants. Sometimes when people find out that I'm from EMA they will ask me, "Eh Kamal." My job involves looking at where are the best places to deploy solar and to work with other government agencies. That's a summarised version. It actually involves a much longer process. There's so little space in Singapore there's so many different things that we can use spaces for. Deploying solar is just one of the many things that can be done with our precious space that we have. Rooftops have a large potential for solar but there's already a lot of things that you can place on rooftops like gardens, swimming pools, playgrounds.

That's why we have to explore using one space for multiple functions. For example, in NTU, where they have solar panels as well as plants that are growing underneath. So, with one location, you have solar panels and you have greenery that is co-located in one space. So, besides rooftops PUB has plans to deploy more solar panels on reservoir spaces. So, next time when you are jogging or doing water activities you might just spot some solar panels on the reservoir. So, can Singapore totally convert to clean energy? Natural gas will still continue to be a dominant source of fuel in Singapore but solar is the most promising renewable energy generation so our energy landscape is continuously evolving. By 2030, we are trying to deploy at least 2 gigawatt-peak of solar. That's enough to power 350,000 households in Singapore.

So, Singapore may probably be one of the most solar dense cities in the world. Unlike other countries Singapore doesn't have the luxury of having large spaces of land to deploy solar. But what we can do is to share our experience on how to deploy more solar in a small city like Singapore. Even though Singapore does not have a lot of space we can still make a difference.

To me, that is what's fulfilling when I help to deploy more solar in Singapore I'm playing my small part in the fight against climate change..

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