Making Planets of the Solar System using Super Clay Part 2

hi everyone welcome to part two are making planets out of clay and just to recap last time I made four planets creepy Luther and he's made mercury which rolls at the back there Mercury Venus Earth Mars and now I'm going to make the next four planets which is our extremely huge Jupiter Saturn Uranus or Uranus and Neptune okay now can you see on here Jupiter is absolutely massive massive that's earth it is our pond it that's tube okay we don't have that much clay so we're gonna have to make it bigger than the rest but we can't make it that big to scale so I take Jupiter from this guy I think you're looking at bgcolor and brown so let's see what we probably need some white I might need but we definitely need some Brown Browns quite a useful color to have how about this one this is flesh flesh as more of a beige i think i didn't–yeah i think bathing round would work together I might have to use the whole pack to be honest with you oh my do you have to think about Saturn Saturn is kind of busy with brownie and yellow is okay look what now how do we make brown who want to make brown I believe Brown is a mixture of random colors like green and something else what that open case I've run out of it I still like me I think like Jupiter's I think it looks almost a bit layered so you'd be doing to turn this down so you'd be doing sort of a bit of bass and then a bit of brown and I'm going to play with a brown cut at 102 the spot this start will mention in the previous previous video that is just the nicest thing to work well it's so lovely but labor supply sells soon which my G is going to be better than this isn't it look do this but don't worry we're gonna move rolled out oh that more I mentioned in the first video in case you've not seen it do you go back and watch it because I've got a few tips with this regarding this clay it's that it is how it's looking at months regarding the clay is that it doesn't take a while to dry out luckily and actually ruin one of my design because it starts playing with it before it actually dry I fully recommend you leave it for at least two days 48 hours at least before you start doing into the service who really bad sandwich and I recommend you leave it because otherwise quickly very very easy to damage and squish just put it away in the shower forget about it and then come back to it few days and look super cool so they're not so far start to roll it it's not very neat but you get the idea kiss and very important part to you but I think is the sports I don't have seen so I'll show you in a second I come there's a part of it which is like a spot but this is kind of squishy to hear what one do want to pull it through like this they want the cut I would rather it was more a go see see you see it's more random this is where it is modulus is huge okay let's add more now it's very careful I want more definite line to this so if you don't you know mix up too much senator love together motus I'm a bit conscious of running out Browns I'll need more ground to make Sutton I think but you know what this is it's open to interpretation we don't have to do exactly like what else I can be the board would be create and have fun with it ah Matt stick if you see that there's almost like chewing gums the weirdest tension like ever but it's very very lovely I have to say so they can squish that arm so with a be big enough less compared to earth that's gonna be bigger than Earth but still not Jupiter sized as we said give it is massive I might add smidgen smidgen of orange I think nicely I will save orange for Sutton I was carrying with my babe I'm Brown concoction it's not going to be the biggest planet okay it just isn't but it's going to look quite good hopefully and let's get a little bit more brown and then we'll mix it up we don't have much left that's wrong you don't get the promised play as brilliant brilliant as it is you don't get enough product in it now you have to solve stuck mixes I'm gonna pull this community to make the swirl this realized that now that's good I don't want to mix it up too much okay then we have to solve music somehow into a ball because think about the planets that are all round so you don't have to you know it's bit of an easy Martin that's let's you just have to know how to roll the ball which is obviously just between your palms like this yes that's quite cheaper – ish I named box you know what we can't have Jupiter Jupiter has to have this spot which is here can you see this which i think is I think in real life I think there's storm clouds maybe you can correct me if I'm wrong so I'm going to do is find a beige area such as this I'm going to get another little bit of brown extra make it up kind of teardrop shape like that and then go just for logic here whoops I'm sorry I'll focus like that exactly like spot and then I'm going to roll it up roll this let's have a look at my cute top look a bit more brown but nevermind just Jupiter come on where's the squad was this book there you go smooth out there eager that can be asked why no it's not perfect that not too bad you see not too bad not too bad for the role yes you can join the other planets now we've got to do Saturn so offer you saucin saucin we've got similar colors but I think we can add some different some yellows and oranges here I'll show you to make it a little bit more interesting plus we don't have much brown or beige left so we're going to have to improvise let's go back down here try to make this video no more than 10 minutes but you're in a conniption everything almost it that's gone by some more this clip is amazing that softened up beige one beige it's also expressing you believe it so you go in the brown and to make it interesting I'm going to add the pan yellow I think yells are really useful colors with primary colors be able to do the business make assassin so it was in yellow in here and let's do some orange as well she's more now Saturn is huge also it's not as big as Jupiter but it is really massive it's of course it's famous because it's got those huge rings they got my four colors drag them out again my last it looks like a really nice cake and I'll go George yeah it's very big not as big as Jupiter by the way it's not as big as Jupiter but it's still pretty huge squeeze it make sure it's really dense and compact you don't want it cracking once it dries then it's hot pick so pretty so pretty simply now of course we have to make a ring for it know how it is I know let's do out yellow clothes in yellow sit up orange and whatever yellow with all left all right a lot wise why not visit it that way we are being creative now we have to be creative because there's not much clay explain how you get the same amount of play every color force important and useful and others like red and yellow this is very useful if you use these to make anything there's my two colors I'm going to mix and color I believe in the Rings like this I'm not going to mix them in entirely because it's more interesting when it's swirled think that might be enough I met by loving orange make sure you go so it's like that size and oops pull it as well Oh ready then use me I'm going to roll this out place and it has to be about passive although out it oh not stupid stick not sticky right do that bit more and then I have to fly fill it too so I spotted it slightly too much just enough this is a roll because we ruin it but then now with this roll around I think it would okay and stuck again pull it out roll now I'm going to turn on the side and we're going to stick it on now the rings of Saturn doesn't go exactly right it kind of goes our slight angle save you wanted this to be outside we can do it like that it doesn't really matter how you have it but Christ Akiko is quite thin there so I'm going to rebuild it but to make sure it's strong enough ring they don't want it to fall apart later on go pushing into the sensors like sticks oh oh it's realistic do it's okay because it's so soft you can work with it you can work with it the massive look funny when I squeeze out again like that it's so soft so nice to work with prospects as well it's super super super super nice to work with so this is much easier and softer than play-dohs much easier to work with and it just tries so strangely just it's so light airy support is cracked you have to be careful didn't make sure you can try and get rid of them now not later on remove a problem this this look like that you can make it perfectly round if you want to I don't think punch would be perfect ground anyway they go they get it it's quite cool make sure this is probably stuck on thick it is not sticking up and then there you go that's my Saturn see it's not too right because this flat side there you go you can go over there with the other this is quite long video so I'm going to do a third video to do Uranus and let you see you next time

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