Low cost solar pumping system- The RainMaker

welcome to SunCulture and take you
through the Rainmaker pumping system so what is included in
this system to have a submersible pump we have the sprinklers we give you two
of them one is metallic and one is plastic we give you the fittings for
their system we give you a battery pack which has the controller we give you two
panels each of 60 watt so in total you have 120 watt will give you a hundred
meters of water pipe 20 mm and will give you 50 meters of electrical cable so
I'll take you through harder system watch so you fold it out place the stand connect the cable the electrical cable
to the panel's so this is a plug-and-play system basically detach
and connect it back the electrical cable you come and connect it to where the
battery park is in the controller then it will go all the way so if you have
their pumps up masked so we assume this is your source of water this is your dam
your well your River so the pump has to be submerged inside the water then from
where the pump is you'd have the pipe which now gets water from the source
taking it either through the sprinkler or through your reservoir tank so this
piping that we give it from the source of water is 100 meters and it's 20 mm in
size so if I can open for you to see how the how the system is running you've seen the rain maker walking
directly using the sprinkler so if you don't want to use the sprinkler directly
you can actually detach the sprinkler and direct this pipe to your reservoir
tongue so that now you can use the irrigation system
drip irrigation the Rainmaker is able to get approximately 1 acre and depending
with your head you're able to get around 6,000 meters which is enough to irrigate
one acre of land and the system goes for 50 thousands together with delivery to
your nearest Wells Fargo Korea and installation by our engineer so if
you're interested you can call our number zero seven zero zero three two
seven zero zero two or alternatively you can come visit our offices at Lovington
forty nine convent and we'll be able to take you through our systems and in case
you have any queries we'll be able to answer thank you very much you

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