Larger Solar Panels | Effects on Solar Battery | 450Watts Solar Panel on 100Ah 12V Battery

Welcome back ka-Toolbox! Here we are again in another episode of… "Quick answer for the quick question" Question: "Can a large Solar Panel be used with a small Battery?" This is often asked especially when they want the Battery Bank to fill up easily. And it’s also one of the things we should know when we start designing. But is it possible? Basically, in designing the Solar Panel, the Battery Bank is the main component we are considering. Also based on the so -called Rule of thumb of 1: 2 or 2: 1 depending on what we reference. For example, if we have a Battery Bank 100Ah/12Volt System.
For example, if we have a Battery Bank 100Ah/12Volt System. Automatically, we will need 200Watts Solar Panel. But, regarding the question. Can a Solar Panel be converted to 450Watts with, 100Ah/ 12Volt Battery? We got a picture here from a Website that sells Solar Parts. Let's try their 450Watts if it's ok with our 100Ah/12V Battery. It has a Vmp of 41.52Volts. And Imp of 10.84Amperes. If this Solar Panel peaks, using the MPPT Solar Charge Controller, it will produce more or less 32.15Amperes. And this amperage goes directly into our 100Ah/12V battery.

Now, here comes the answer to whether it can be used with a 100Ah Battery? Let's find in the datasheet the so -called "Charging Current Capacity" or "Charging Current" of the battery we use. We've got two datasheets here. One model of NPP Battery and another model of Solar Homes. This NPP has a 30A rating for charging Current. The result? Not allowed.

It must be equal or lower current. What about the Solar Homes? It's not allowed. Because it must be 25 Amperes or lower. Unless the Battery you bought is designed for 32.15 Amperes or higher, that's fine. What happens if the Charging Current is high? This will create heat in our battery which will cause the life-cycle of our battery to decrease. As they say, "All excess is harmful" So, when we buy a Solar Battery, make it a habit to ask for a data sheet.

And in sizing the Solar Panel, we always consider the charging current of our Batteries as seen in the datasheet. So, that's the whole of our episode today. If you like this video, please click the like button below. And if you are new to this channel, subscribe and press the bell button so that you are always updated on our uploads.

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