Kabellose Überwachungskamera Reolink Argus PT mit Solarpanel im Test

You are surely looking
for a surveillance camera that you can position outdoors anywhere
without having to have a socket nearby and that can
still see everything in the dark at night using night vision. I was too and with the Reolink Argus PT I found
a very good surveillance camera with battery and solar panel. You can find the advantages and disadvantages of
the camera in this video.

A little transparency note: I received the camera from Reolink on
request and can keep the camera. Nevertheless, the post is
based on my honest and unfiltered opinion. I would have made my statements about the product exactly the
same if I had bought the camera myself. My main objective for a camera was
to be able to completely illuminate the garden . This only works for me if I
hang the camera further away from the house. Of course there is no electricity there. So the
camera had to be able to take care of itself.

This is what the Reolink Argus PT with solar panel looks like in my
garden. It's attached to a place where I definitely couldn't run electricity. My second scenario is that while cooking,
doing laundry or doing other work around the house, I wanted to keep an eye on the kids when
they were playing outside. A kind of baby monitor for the garden 😉 Here, too, the Reolink
Argus PT is simply brilliant, as it can be swiveled 355 ° and has a built-in
microphone so that I can see and hear it.

The compact size of the camera, the
outstanding image quality and the solar panel enable it to be easily
positioned anywhere in the open air and thus completely self-sufficient
operation – provided WiFi is nearby. With a battery-operated LTE WiFi router,
you could even use the camera to monitor your animals in the meadow, paddock or
stable. Particularly useful for sick or pregnant animals that need more
attention – but of course also to recognize uninvited guests,
to warn them using a built-in alarm and to film them to preserve evidence. The camera is
available in an LTE version. But I haven't dealt with that myself,
so I can't tell you much about it. The video material is recorded and stored securely on a memory card.
The "E-Mail Notification" function enables real-time warnings by
e-mail and push notifications, which can send users important information about
movement and alarm events, such as a stranger entering the property
or indications of theft.

The Reolink Argus PT is therefore
an independent, wireless, weatherproof HD day / night surveillance camera with
night vision function, with which you can keep an eye on your home around the clock, even in complete
darkness. This is how the Reolink Argus PT sees my garden with
the night vision mode in complete darkness. The night vision provides an illumination of 20
meters and the two-way audio function supports you in communicating with your family
or uninvited guests. For the latter, it offers a built-in PIR sensor that
can detect movements from up to 10 meters away. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and is
also solar-powered via an optional solar panel . Sunlight is
not absolutely necessary for the solar panel, as the solar panel offers enough power during the day, even in the
shade, to reliably recharge the battery of the Reolink Argus PT
. The battery should not be damaged even at -10 ° C
and withstand up to 55 ° C in summer. The instruction manual states the
following: Please charge the battery at temperatures between 0 ° C and 45 ° C.
Always use the battery at temperatures between -20 ° C and 60 ° C.

So it should
be enough for German winters and summers..

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