Inverter wired directly to solar panel


one question often asked is whether you can power your invert it directly from your solar panel so that’s what we’re going to look at today we’ll start by measuring the voltages coming off the solar panel you’ll see we’re getting there really strong and steady 20 volts now we’re going to connect the inverter and directly to the solar panel okay so we’ve got our invoice connected direct into the solar panel let’s turn it on and see if it works yep the fan is spinning and it seems to be operating okay so we’ve confirmed the inverter will run directly from the 20 volts coming off the solar panel let’s plug in a load and see if it still works so I’ve connected a 21 watt CFL let’s see if it works I’ve got the solar panel going directly to the inverter and in the inverter going to the light bulb so let’s turn it on and there you go in liquid no problem off/on perfect now one thing to bear in mind is that while this does work you’re pushing in 20 volts into your inverter when it’s only expecting 12 to 14 so it’s quite likely that you may overheat the inverter and you’re probably going to shorten its life aside from that because the Sun is it sort of moves around and the clouds move the voltage isn’t going to be reliable so you really are better off using a small battery as a minimum use at least 7 or 15 amp hour and you really shouldn’t connect your solar panel directly to the inverter even if it does work


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