Introduction to designing Solar PV System | 1.1 | Module 1 (Solar system and designing)

Hi, my name is Moiz Ahmed and welcome to my course solar energy and designing First of all, we will be discussing the contents of this course. The first topic we will discuss is renewable and non-renewable energy then we'll discuss PV system and its construction After that, we'll discuss sun tracking and an article about facts of solar energy. In the next section, we will cover PV cells and its affecting factors like effect of insulation temperature and load resistance effects and how do they affect the subject Then, given all these factors, we will discuss how can we achieve the desired voltage using PV Array.

Then we have types of DC DC converters then we will discuss several techniques of Max Powerpoint Tracking In the next module, we have types of solar system Alot of people misunderstands solar as of only one type But in actual, there are three types of solar system These are Grid Tie Off – Grid and Hybrid Grid Solar Systems then, we will discuss about advantages and selection of equipment. Then, the next thing on the plate to discuss is Junction box and its wiring After all the previously mentioned topics we will talk about the designing of solar system As in this course, it is our main target. In the designing, we will discuss load calculation, battery sizing, Inverter Sizing, Then PV module, Its type and manufacturing, Solar Charge controller and MPPT Charge controller and ofcourse their sizing and reading the data sheets Having all this discussed, we will move towards simulation For the purpose of solar system designing, there is a very good software called "PVsys".

We will be designing on grid and off Grid designing using PVsys Desingning is incomplete without protection of the system. Since, the equipments are much expensive and if left unprotected then a slight short circuit might burn the solar plate down. And the whole design is of no use So, we will also discuss protection How is done? What is grouding and Earthing and what are the procedure of grouding / earthing In protection, we will study about selection of fuses, Surge Protection Protection of inverters, Arrays and Transformers grouding of solar system Then comes AutoCAD. My question is, what is the purpose of learning AutoCAD here? The Answer is simple. In order to show someone the layout of what we have created and designed so far, We have to use a tool in which we can draw our layout and AutoCAD serves the purpose.

So, we will discuss the concept of SLD (Single Line Diagram) in AutoCAD. So, in short we will discuss Basics of AutoCAD SLDs Off Grid SLD Desingning Then after doing all the designing, we will simulate on "MATLAB" so that we can check the efficiency of the system. It will be a Win Win for you. because you will also get to know about the MATLAB simulations Lets discuss Course goals. You must be thinking of the advantage of this big and lengthy course. So in this course, you will learn Basics of solar system How to design Solar PV system and the relevant selection, power consumption knowledge and much more Then you will be able to draw SLDs and will know about AutoCAD Then MATLAB simulation of this whole system And you will be able to designing protection scheme of this expensive system I hope you will enjoy this course.

so keep rolling and enjoy this course.

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