Introducing LG’s NeON R ACe Solar Panel

Introducing LG’s NeON® R ACe solar module, a new way to harness the power of the sun. Built to be a future proof part of your home’s energy management and care system, It optimizes power performance through an intuitive, integrated component design. Enjoy sleek design aesthetics for rooftop
and in home, which enable more options for your install. And rest easy knowing it’s all backed by a
warranty… that puts the power of LG behind your purchase.

Let’s take a look at the benefits. Seamless and Future Proof Technology The home energy management system of today
is designed to help maximize efficiency. Making it work the way you need for years
to come… Is a big part of what the NeON® R ACe system
was created for. The system enables smart and remote access
monitoring, and future proofs your eco-system by enabling
connection… with new technologies like energy storage
and the next-generation smart appliances… you’ll put in your home. Seamless monitoring of your system begins
with LG EnerVu. A simple, easy to use smart monitoring platform… that keeps you connected to your performance
stats as well as to your installer. These operate like other devices in your home
by design. We want this to be easy for you. LG EnerVu begins with an in-home gateway, It resembles a home WiFi router. With the NeON® R ACe array complete and
operating, plug in the gateway. The ACe system gateway plugs into the wall. If you can plug in a lamp, you can plug in
the ACe gateway. Once plugged in, system strength will show
active solid green on the gateway… and solid red on the integrated inverter.

The gateway receives signal directly from
the rooftop array. With the gateway operating, LG enables the
entire system to communicate more easily. This is important when it comes to care for
your array, and your overall home energy management system. Here’s how: Traditional gateway systems limit where a
gateway can be placed… in order to communicate with the array. It has to be able to communicate with each
microinverter independently. Distance from module to gateway can create
poor signal strength, which inhibits effective communication. The traditional solution was to place the
gateway outside, creating more steps and invasive drilling. In the case of the NeON® R ACe gateway, LG has enabled each module to communicate
with the module next to it. When data is passed to the gateway, it comes
from one module.

This innovation is called multi-hop technology. The gateway only needs to communicate with
the closest module now, which creates flexibility in gateway position, enabling the gateway to be placed in the home, which eliminates invasive drilling on your
home’s exterior. Multi-hop technology enables more streamlined
communication and remote monitoring, which means your installer can also stay connected
to your array… so he or she can watch over key elements like
power, voltage, DC and AC current, and even temperature of the microinverter.

You’re both alerted in real time if there
is ever a need for it. And where rebooting, resetting, and firmware
updates are required… in the normal course of maintenance, there’s no more need to schedule in-person
visits. If a visit is required, your installer can
conduct a remote diagnostic… which can shorten in-person service times. Enhanced Performance. I think the most unique feature of the LG
ACe system is really… the fact that it’s all integrated. This was our first install with the ACe system
and… the fact that there were no back-and-forth
with parts and all so simple, I guess that speaks for itself. The advantage of an integrated system is the
front-end planning, Less mistakes that can be made from project
management out to the field. Anything that can simplify the install, simplify
the design process, a system that allows us to do that, easily,
without alterations… is long-term going to be a benefit to us. Through full integration of the module and
microinverter, NeON® R ACe is able to help maximize performance
of the system. It functions as one unit now. As a result, NeON® R ACe is able to achieve
higher levels of performance.

In traditional systems, when sunlight is at
maximum points, an inverter often cannot keep up with the
module. This is known as clipping, where electricity generation is blocked by
the inverter, creating waste. Sleek Aesthetics. The integrated NeON® R ACe system is as stunning
as it is effective. Aesthetically, the system provides greater
flexibility in design and layout, while the sleek black fronts, with no bus
bars, create a clean look and feel for your home. It’s more than just on roof though. Remember, the gateway is small, functional, and its indoor design makes it easy to place
in any room. Plus, full integration of the system eliminates
additional inverter boxes… and invasive drilling into the walls of your
home. One company, One Warranty. The warranty means everything to the customer.
It means, long term security for their system, and it is vitally important for their peace
of mind… with their investment in their solar system
to know… who’s going to be standing behind their
product… and that they’re going to honor their warranty
for a long time.

These modules are rated for warranty for 25
years, so… LG is one of those brands that carries a 25
year warranty as well. It’s huge. Customers, when they’re buying
a product, they want to make sure they’re getting something
that’s going to last. Now with the ACe system, it’s just the only
way to go. Alternative energy shouldn’t be stressful. Warranties can make all the difference. While many companies have warranties, It’s important to note that the company
you choose now… needs to be there at least 25 years later. Installing the NeON® R ACe modules puts decades
of LG solar development… behind your purchase. LG will be here today, and well into the future. We believe the warranty is only as good as
the company behind it. The LG Warranty covers three key components
of the NeON® R ACe module: Products, Performance, and Labor. You make decisions every day. Make this one knowing LG is behind you when
you install the NeON® R ACe. Make installing solar easy. Seamless monitoring, enhanced performance,
a sleek and stylish system, all backed by a warranty you can trust. That’s LG NeON® R ACe.

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