Interco is a Scrap PV Solar Panel Modules Recycling Company

Interco recycles solar panels. Interco is a leader in solar panel recycling. The company has been recycling solar panels
and electronics from across North America and throughout the Western Hemisphere since
1996. Solar panels last between 20 and 30 years,
however, their effective use decreases over time: as much as 20% in the first 10 years
following installation. As a result of the increasing number of solar
panel installations globally each year, the need for the responsible recycling and reprocessing
of solar panels has never been more important. Interco recycles more than 250,000 solar panels
each year. The process yields more than 5,000 tons of
scrap metals, consisting of more than 2,000 tons of steel, 1,000 tons of aluminum, and
more than 250 tons of copper. Interco processes the scrap metals and returns
the raw materials back to the industrial supply chain to manufacture new products and equipment
worldwide. Some solar panels contain materials like gallium
and indium, two rare elements and natural resources that are expensive to mine and in
short supply. Solar panels also contain some lethal heavy
metals, like cadmium and lead, that can cause harm to the environment if not properly recycled.

Interco deploys the safest end-of-life treatment
to these elements following the strictest guidelines. Solar panel installers, manufacturers, and
utility companies across the USA use Interco to recycle old and obsolete solar panels. Solar panels are stacked on pallets and transported
by truck or by rail to the Interco facility, where technicians process them to be recycled. Interco has developed innovative recycling
processes including pending patents for several recycling techniques and procedures. The company leads the way in solar panel recycling
throughout the Western Hemisphere. Interco services the USA, Canada, Mexico,
Central and South America, and is centrally located on the Illinois side of St. Louis,
across the Mississippi from the Gateway Arch. The company's 400,000 square foot facility
is comprised of 7 buildings on more than 40 acres. For more information, visit,
or call 1-877-200-0840..

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