Integrated Inverterless System Installation Part-1

This is the Integrated Inverterless system. After unpacking, please verify that there are no scratches or damages on the product Now, make sure that the two switches are turned OFF, while connecting the system This is the IBIS system. Now, I will show you how to install this This is the back portion of the IBIS system, where we will connect wiring That is FUSE cover This is FUSE. Installation steps are already mentioned here This is terminal where we make connection. Wiring diagram is given here There are three screws. We need to remove these All terminal endings with slot number are mentioned here First, we need to remove the FUSE cover We need to fix the FUSE inside this.

FUSE is already provided here We will put one side of the FUSE inside and give a small push After connecting the FUSE, the LED indication lights are ON – Battery, Grid, Solar and LINE side But here all LEDs are glowing simultaneously. So, we have to RESET it first To do this press *123# You will hear a beep now. It means system is OK. We will check the SOC now We need to bring it to BLE mode. For that press *253# We can now connect it to mobile app We will see Inverterless meter data. We click on this We go to View Data and check Battery SOC It is 69%. It means we will connect it to solar and keep it idle (no load) for charging the battery for 24 hours .

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