Installing Solar panels to sail across the Atlantic Ocean [Solbian] – Ep.24

[Music] finally i'm back on fortuna after enjoying some amazing time back at home with family and friends and now we're ready to go on sailing but yet first we are getting our new solar panels [Music] [Music] so we bought some solby and solar panels like in total i think it's 370 watts two flexible ones for the b mini so today there's two tapeteria guys coming to make a new bimini because we should fix it properly otherwise they fly away [Music] [Music] we will be a day without bimini and they just came to took our solar panels for the biminis so we didn't even have the chance to properly unpack them and check what's in there yeah so we're going to show them to you once they are back but at least here we have the one that we're going to install on the on the front part let's see [Music] here we are super thin look at that look at that like huge does it fit it fits hopefully it fits and they also made already the glue so yeah we are gonna clean everything and then we're gonna stick it [Music] [Music] and this is it we are finally out of harbor again this first 24 hours on for tuna were super crazy but we managed to get everything ready we packed everything away we yeah we got rid of our bimini to get our solar panels fixed and now we're leaving but we'll be back in alberta tomorrow already to hopefully get our bimini back and our solar panels because it's super hot so without beaming it's pretty difficult right now we're still going to enjoy a nice beautiful bay this evening and finally go swimming [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] we bought new solar panels we went for soybean an italian company because they offer quite a good range of uh different products and we got like one for the deck and two flexible ones for the b mini we will do a mixed installation for each panel we have mppt to charge the battery so basically this one controls the energy flow into the battery we have bought some blue decks some connectors for the the batteries to connect all the output to the battery and some fast mc4 uh couplings for the solar panels fuse holders like 10 ampere for the small and 30 amps for for the big panel and different cables so normal four millimeters uh cable for the the small panel and a six millimeter cable for the the big ones for the small one they already put some adhesive stripe below so we can just decrease it which we're gonna do now and then position it [Music] [Music] wires so now that we fixed both panels the big ones we tried already yesterday evening last time we had very bad experience with our previous panel because it flew away in 45 knots of wind so before we put the panels on the bimini we had a reinforcement textile zoom onto it and the 10x buttons it should hold better also they are a bit heavier and way more stable they also put some stripes underneath the panels to give it more stability so it's not like hanging through then we are installing the mppt also and both state a different procedure basically one states connect the panel first and then the battery in the other one states connect the battery first and then pedal quite interesting a bit nerdy good cabling first [Applause] [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] to recap we installed two sr 160 panels directly to one mppt sr actually stands for super rock because they are extreme crack and have a high band tolerance then we installed a second one the 72q also directly to an mppt under the the boom and one is a little bit special because it has bypass diodes in there so it is highly efficient also if there is some shading or yeah some shadow basically from the the sailor from the the boom so we did all the cabling and the installation of the mm mbbt mbvt and now comes the moment where we connect the solar panels to the whole system so i got so excited i forgot to film it but yeah here it is it's connected and now we're going to have to see if michael has energy do you have energy we finally managed to install the controllers near the batteries and everything is blinking as it should i also checked for the temperature so they are not creating too much heat but in case there is also enough space we went from here directly to the batteries to have the shortest route to the batteries through the closet up up up up up up up up up whoop and out the final puzzle for our solar panels we have some blocking diodes as we are installing our solar panels in parallel to each other so the current is blocked going backwards this allows us to get a better energy output if both panels are not exactly parallel to the sun at the same time so basically as it's a bit bent like it might be that one is more than the other so that's the better option to install them so we have the solar panels installed for now four um whatever who cares we are in floating state that means that we are currently producing enough energy with our beautiful solar panels that our batteries are full even if we have everything kind of on the fridge notebooks like twice a day the drone we judge literally everything we have and we're still floating floating flooding so yeah we are um quite okay with our batteries not even afternoon it's crazy best acquisition ever thumbs up really definitely service everything we are super happy with

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