HSN | Guy’s in the Garden – Special Edition 04.06.2021 – 01 PM

hey everybody and welcome back into the show my name is guy yeah it's tuesday and it is 1pm eastern time you're like what's guy doing here we are doing a special guy in the garden show we got really great stuff in the shower got brand new flowers we got veggies in the show some really cool tools you're going to be able to use as you know whenever we start our show we just like to check our mail or at least let you know that we are streaming live on facebook so if you want to ask us a question this is the place to do it so send us your questions comments i'm going to ask you all a question today which is what's your favorite color flower i'm just curious because you know we have uh we have access to all kinds of different colored flowers and if i know what you love maybe we can bring it in the show let's go back and feed the birds i tell you every show if you don't put the feet out they ain't gonna come right they're gonna go to your neighbor's yard so we always make sure we put some bird seed out uh you know it's great for the birds uh maybe if you've got a hummingbird feeder you can put that out uh you know the squirrel is watching somewhere around here and he's look he's going dude the guy put out the food and he's going to come you know we have a resident squirrel that we hang out with makes it fun but you got to bring them if you want to bring them you got to feed them so let's show you a couple items we got coming up in the show first of all we are not going to air this today i have 500 remaining of our expandable fence all right this is the one that comes in yellow what is this a great way to hide anything you got recycle bins you got garbage cans you want to hide uh this is all willow wood coolest part is you can adjust it to whatever space you need so if you need it low you could stretch it out low if you want it to go high you could go this way uh if you've got uh maybe like pool chemical or like a pool filter you want to hide recycle bins garbage cans it's ideal and again it's made of real wood the leaves are faux it'll go anywhere my producer pat just said we have 400 remaining it will not be airing i know you love this thing you can attach it anywhere you can put it even on a chain leak fence to make it look nice it's ideal anyway it's called the expandable fence item number is up there on the screen if you want to grab that so i want to promote that oh and i want to talk our pick you know we have a pick for every hour this is our uh this is our um our eight frame ladder it comes to us from ireach coolest thing ever you've got a ladder that you can actually store in your house and when you see what this ladder can do to me it's the greatest ladder on the planet all right it's an a-frame ladder that'll go up to 60.

It is a standing ladder that will go up to 12 feet but the cool part is the whole thing telescopes down for storage you can adjust it so the legs are higher on one side so if you're working on stairs or if you need to reach over something you can do that it is my pick of the show look at that they gave us free shipping and handling all right get it home 20 bucks off and free shipping that's going to be a real hot seller that's coming up a little bit later it's just nice enough to have your ladder outside right stays nice and clean inside and you can use it whenever you want all right let's get into it here we go so i often talk about all the wonderful creatures that you want on your property right you want hummingbirds you want butterflies you want bees right you want pollinators you want all that stuff but there's a lot of creators that you don't want a whole list of them and you know the no-see-ums uh the ants uh maybe it's the the palmetto bugs cockroaches mosquitoes here's a list of what no more bugs will help you get rid of and remember we're not killing them we are setting up an environment that they don't want to be around all you do is you spray this on anything you can spray it on wood you can spray it on fabric you can spray it on carpeting you spread it on your mattress what it is is a a bio-based product made of mostly of cedar oil insects hate cedar they hate any kind of oil orange oil they hate clove oil they hate cedar the nice thing about cedar it smells amazing i will put this stuff right on my hands before i go out you can put it on your ankles if you're going out in the woods because you know deer ticks you could put it anywhere backpacks golf clubs put it on the handle of your tennis racket it goes anywhere what we're offering today is the 32 ounce size we give you the refillable bottle we give you the little travel bottle as well this comes with a little carabiner you can hook it right onto your backpack you can spray it anywhere 36 is our hsn price the item number is 092-880 works on everything if you travel put it on your put it on your suitcase keep the bed bugs out right whatever it is you want to use if you want to get the dust mite spray it on your furniture spray it on your pet beds spray it on your hat it's a it's an eco-friendly product you don't have to worry about spraying it on your body you can you can even spray it on your pets we have a very special guest linda lyday who knows i swear by this product if they made a cologne out of it i would wear it because it smells so amazing here's linda to tell you a little bit about it hi linda hey guy how are you wonderful to see you you too hey listen guy i don't know about where you are uh but recently we've had a huge moth outbreak here and i don't know if it's the little worms that finally like came into being these moths but they are everywhere and i have to tell you this is what i use i use no more bugs uh to put on my screen so one of the things i want to just tell you all is you definitely want to use this all around your windows your doors your screens we're opening up our homes now but where i was getting a few inside the house even when i was just coming through the door the moment i sprayed around the door the moment i sprayed around the screen my friend liz the same thing happened with her she sprayed it around there's a little tiny crack underneath where the screen in the window was no more moths right so let me just explain a little bit because when you're gonna get this you're going to get the original formula in this 32 ounces when you open this up it won't come with a spray bottle it will have this little red cap in it that means it's not going to spill in transport take the cap out and i want you to do a couple things first of all i want you to fill up your travel bottle you're going to love this travel bottle one of the things that you're going to love about it is the really nice fine mist that it gives off also you have this little lock here it locks it toggles back and forth and that lock is really nice because you can put it in the pocket of your door you can put in your purse it's not going to spill but you can also put this right in your purse and we're now getting out to be able to travel get on the planes again you can bring this and it's a tsa approved amount so you can bring this right on your person when you're traveling you're going to want to do that because you're going to probably want to spray the mattresses and the pillows sometimes any kind of bugs that can crawl on your bed you want to make sure you get them but what i want to mention is when you are spraying around your house make sure that you spray the perimeter underneath the baseboard because that's a great place for them to hang out you can spray this on yourself you can spray it on your dog you can spray it in your garden on your plants this is a usda bio based approved this is certified so the united states department of agriculture says this is a safe product for you your family outdoors the environment and it's cedar oil so like you said cedar oil is one of those ingredients that we love it we put it in our perfumes we put it in our different kinds of colognes we love the smell of it however what happens is because the way that uh bugs are their skeleton is on the outside they're ectoskeletal so they breathe through it when they smell the cedar oil it kind of chokes them out so they don't come in your home when they smell it they don't penetrate through the the screen and also i just want to do a little shout out because this is also a snake deterrent so you have your door mat make sure that you spray that when you go around do not worry about it staining it doesn't stain now this is a woman-owned um company they just celebrated tenure shout out to amy and lauren all right and this is also made in the usa it is the ingredient of cedar oil you no longer have to get all of these chemicals ever again you can just toss them out because this is one product does it all you know what what i love about it is and i for years i used to say i used to spend money on having people treat my property indoors i don't do that anymore i use this product i actually bought the gallon i bought a big giant gallon of the stuff and i use it all the time and nobody complains everybody loves the scent and i spray it on the tracks of the doors you know if you have sliders i spray it anywhere where insects can get in but i also use it on like my golf bag uh if you have issues with tier ticks if you live up north and you want to spray it on your hiking boots do it there on your luggage your pet areas you can spray it there it is deep free it's safe on skin i just sprayed some on my hand here's what it'll get rid of and if you love any of these don't buy it if you love mosquitoes if you love no cms don't buy this all right no need why you know if you want to hang out with all these critters that's fine not me stink bugs i you know what i actually saw stink bugs when i this girl i used to date in tennessee there were stick bugs all over i didn't even know what they were and guess what i guess they stink so you don't want those around but mosquitoes nets little things that you know what you know when they bite your ankles and stuff like that when you're at a picnic and you're like oh and you don't want to spray that nasty oily stuff on you because then you're then you feel like you got grease all over you want something that's real smooth in fact if i spray it on my hand you'll see it just evaporates right into my hand just like that and you can put it i mean the stuff the stuff is amazing all right and it dries off that's all you need to do so put it around in your near your ears right you ever get stung by mosquitoes on your ears it's the way to go 3615 this bottle will probably last you months if you want to get more of it we do have the refills available on hsn.com and it's a really good idea to get that you're going to love it i actually use this and the only thing i use with pest control is i actually do my own termite treatment because i found out how easy it is to do rather than have to pay 400 a year if you're paying for pest control and it's not working try it and remember one last thing before i hand it back to linda we're not in the business of killing bugs all right if you swat a mosquito what do you do there's trillions of them now you're not going to really get rid of them the idea is to treat and make an area that they're not comfortable in right even mosquito repellent companies they spray the perimeter of your property so mosquitoes won't come you can do this yourself and you can save a boatload of cash linda we got about a minute or so left i'll hand it back to you uh guy one of the things too i wanna look people ask me they say uh okay when do i use the original formula and when do i dilute it down and use the maintenance version if you see a bug use the original version if the way you're going to mix this is you're going to put four ounces and what i do is i fill up the travel size i pour it in press the you put the rest with water and then i have my maintenance uh version of this okay and that is just to keep them away but if you see a bug uh use the full full strength now i want to show you this is charlie you can spray this right on your cat your dog the horse community loves it the way i spray him though is notice how i go from the tail up to his neck when i get to his ears i put the product in my hands and then i put it on his face around his ears under his belly his carriage here i put it under here this is what you're going to want to do too if you're playing pickleball tennis spray it on your visor spray it on your nice hat if you're going to the beach this is a must because those ants those gnats all those things are going to really get in the way and what you're going to do is when you spray it on your body you're going to create this force field you'll hear them buzzing but they don't land it is absolutely amazing and it really does work and you smell amazing it's the best trust me it's like a cologne it smells so great grab it hey linda while i have you here give me just a couple of seconds on the ladder we have the uh we have the ireach ladder coming up i know you're a contractor you handle that product would you tell everybody like about 15 seconds on the ladder yeah okay so basically most of us have like an a-frame ladder and an extension ladder this takes care of both of them you don't have to spend you know money on two ladders or three ladders this goes up to 12 feet it could go to 10 feet it could go to eight feet extended it can collapse to us it's a six foot a frame ladder and of course it could be a five eight five foot eight frame ladder four foot a frame this is fantastic and then it folds up and when it folds up it folds down to 33 inches it's under 28 pounds this is going to be the ladder of all ladders and you can just put it right in the trunk of your car doesn't matter how small your car is all right if you want to get it they're already buying it it is my favorite ladder on the planet all right and everybody will be able to utilize that item number up there in the screen free shipping if you buy it today do not snooze on that one you're going to love it all right so we get a lot of emails we get a lot of text to our guy in the garden show of what's the best way to be able to water my grass my lawn larger areas well we came up with a really a brilliant solution to you it comes from sun joe it's called the aqua joe it's actually a tripod sprinkler that you plug into your ordinary garden hose there it is right there you have multiple settings right here you can go flat you can go mist you adjust it right here all you do is plug it in and let it go and it is going to water any of your trees any of your grasses any of your flower gardens it is so easy but the key is that it's elevated all right it's not that down there in the ground so it gives you a much much larger reach um yeah to me it's the ultimate sprinkler you have five spray settings built into it plus there's a mister if you want to just do delicate plants you can utilize it for that as well this thing is awesome and it also comes with a three year warranty you can telescope it up to the right height it's perfect the price today is great it's only 42.

And 72 cents it is available on flexpay and bobby millikin is standing by bobby this this tripod sprayer has taken our garden crew here by storm and all our shoppers love it welcome to our show my friend thanks so much guys this is absolutely one of my favorite products you know i own a lot of sun joe snow joe and this one particularly from aqua joe kind of given those solutions uh whenever we have any water needs in our lawn or our garden this is perfect because now you have water where you want it and how much you want it you have so many controls you have five different spray patterns this is working off a regular garden hose it's got the coupler at the bottom so i've just connected it to the hose that's all the insulation there is there's no put this together put that together screw in the hose at the bottom you have a local on off switch that's what is so key about this product so guys guess what i'm not doing i'm not running all the way back to the spigot to go turn off turn off and move i've got a local switch right here a simple little turn clockwise turns it on you've got a nice rotating pattern of 360 degrees anywhere from 10 all the way to 360.

So you can spray you know when you compare the sky to other sprinklers it's so much better because basically what aqua joe has done is taken what we love about all those other sprinklers out there and combined it into this one sprinkler like you said it's on a tripod so what that means is i can get the extra height i'll bring it to camera i can unscrew this and i can go from 31 all the way to 45 inches okay lock it up there with the twist of the um the dial down here you've got stakes i'm not sure if you can see those those are what hold it into the ground and then you've got your local on off switch right there make sure i don't spray myself and you've got several different patterns this one is the multi right now one of my favorite but all the way from here i'm almost hitting my house my garage and all my plates guys yeah i love i love that spray paint hey listen if you got kids or grandkids too untold amounts of fun they're going to have playing out in the sprinkler and you can adjust it's very easy to adjust so everybody knows there's two ways to adjust it you can actually adjust the type of spray you know flat spray or that you saw that tri spray that bobby was doing and then you could also adjust the angle of the spray so if you want it to go higher or lower you can do both those right over here it attaches very easily to your garden hose it is all tubular steel construction so it's not going to be some cheap piece of plastic it's going to fall apart on you you're going to absolutely love the efficiency of it so you know if you're watering you don't want to waste a lot of water you want to make sure your water is going in the right place this is the way to do that so we started off with about 1500 my producer pat said we have we have a little over a thousand remaining if you want to get one of these it's the it's the ultimate sprinkler it really is you know versus bobby i i mean a lot of us bought the one that just goes one way or the other right left to right but when we actually have our sprinkler systems installed they do this right they actually do the sweeping pattern left to right so if you don't have an area of your lawn that's covered and you want that kind of spray that is exactly what you're getting for only 42 get it home you're gonna love it bobby back to you well the thing about it is is not everybody has sprinkler systems in the first place not everybody has irrigation set up you know i moved into this house a year and a half ago two years ago and maybe where i put my plants in my garden is not where the previous owner had his stuff set up so now how do i get water there the answer the solution is your aqua joe tripod sprinkler again 360 degrees you're this is coming out at 9.3 gallons per minute has a maximum pressure of 120 psi what is all that means it's going to be a lot of water where you need it and when you need it and the nice thing is you turn it off when you want to you're not wasting water you know some of those sprinkler systems they're set up to go for hours or they hit all over they hit all the places that you don't need so most of us pay for our water right guys so this is an efficient way to make efficient use of your water and lower that bill and again like you said i've got kids at home so i can this is one of my favorite things i turn it to mist look at this guy just picture me at uh you know that place with the big mouse uh just enjoying with my family time and my mist or maybe i'm just on the back porch just you know we're in florida i know we're spoiled for those you watching who are not in florida i apologize but this is that great fun easy mister so yeah i think last time we talked you you said this is a 40 babysitter for the kids you know in the neighborhood he's going to look at this thing they're going to be like that's not that's not for watering the lawn that's for us to run through and play through and you can take it anywhere it's lightweight portable you can take it anywhere you want i love bobby your point about um because my house i moved into my house about 10 years ago and there was a sprinkler system but it was only on like on the backyard it's not in any of the side yards and guess where all my flowers are they're all in the side yards so if you don't have a sprinkler and you want to hook this up easily to the hose you could do that very very very quick and easy and again you've got multiple options of how to spray and where to spray i just think it's brilliant i mean this is something like you would expect to see like you know at a golf course right where they have to hit a certain area and you're getting that same great result we got about a little over a minute left we have about i'm trying to hear pat but i got to step this way all right so we have about just about oh yeah we're just under a thousand if you want to get it grab it home bobby we got about a minute left buddy go ahead all right so just couple things this is how easily it is control see this blue dial right here this is what you twist to get whatever degrees that you want whether it's 100 degrees or a full 360 degrees you've got your spray patterns right here you can change it from mist to fan to large to multi and then here's how easy it is to do the angle you just pull your finger back or forward you've got your nice on on let me change it to a multi right there that's a better one to show so i can change the distance or the height just by the moving up or down so it's very easy to use very lightweight comes with the stakes guy put your water where you want to on your turn that's the power that you have with the aqua gel yeah and at a great price today if you want to get it we are getting very very limited on it it does come in one color comes in turquoise oh by the way set it up in about 30 seconds it is so easy and you can turn the water off at the sprayer just so everybody knows you don't have to worry you don't have to like you know go back to the hose bib and turn it on there you can actually turn the water on and off right there so if you want to leave it on while you're doing something you can do that as well all right bobby i know you are coming up later we've got our amazing sun joe power sprayer which will turn any garden does into a pressure power washer it's unbelievable that's coming up in a little bit with bobby see you in a bit buddy take care all right come on over with me you know we we talk about the different facets of being in the garden and a lot of it is plants and flowers and you know sprays to protect you from insects we also have a part that we really love which is our decorative part right so again maybe you don't have a giant um let's step over here where i can hear uh maybe you don't have a giant i'm gonna have to take this thing out of my ear just for a second so i can hear you guys there's a lot of static here and i'll tell you what we got here so here we've got our brand new wind and weather solar kinetic they're called bird wind spinners and what we've got is one two three four five different choices and when the wind hits these they are going to start spinning we don't have any wind here today so we're not getting a lot of action on them but the really nice feature in addition to that is the fact that they're also solar so you're going to get sparkly lights at night they're in the daytime you're going to get a great show and then at night time you're going to get a great great display as well there's a little solar panel you just face that towards the sun these are actually facing the opposite way so make sure it gets about four or five hours of sun every day that's all that you need to do let me introduce you to abet lopez wait before i do that let me tell you the the the choices all right so one over here is called swan that's the one in white and again remember it's going to spin around it's going to go this way and that way and then at night it lights up the one to my left here is called cardinal the one all the way on the end is flamingo next to flamingo is what is that one i think that's is that is that peacock yeah i think that's peacock yep and then the one over here is called hummingbird so those are your choices you get everybody will get one the price today is very affordable for uh for garden decor at under forty dollars let me introduce you to vet lopez who's standing by hi of that hey how is everybody all right so guy these are so cute right i'm inside for these because i kind of wanted to show you the the solar part of it but these have so many layers the first thing i want to show you this is on the ground here these are about three and a half feet so these are our night a nice height you're going to get the steak down here this is what they go in the ground with i have them in some planters right now but they go right in in the ground outside but the different layers of these are what are so neat so in the back you have what we're calling the tail so the tail spins then you have a ring of light the next part is their actual wings up here and then you have the bird so all of these are the different birds but these are all in different layers so when the wind hits they're going to be spinning in different directions you're going to have the light and these are just they're so cute and different and i just want to show you real quick i'm going to lower the lights here so you can take a look and you can see how neat that they do when the lights go down in that cool you get it's like a subtle glow so these are real cool in a pathway um in in a garden in greenery there's so many bright colors here and you know what i loved guy is that you know i love we love our cardinal and we love our hummingbird we see those a lot but how often do you see a peacock or a flamingo or the swan you know what i mean those are some different choices they are they really are incredible if you want to get them home again we got a great price they're brand new we've never aired them before and it's kind of affordable artwork you know i know we have a lot of spinners that are closer to 100 this is a great one for a medium to small garden or just you know maybe an apartment you want to put it in a pot you could put it there we are very limited on certain choices here i have it in the peacock the flamingo i have the swan i have the hummingbird and they're pretty m about oh i got about 150 of each one of these so get them on i just you know what i love two of that easy right so easy yes yes all you do is stake it in the ground there's a solar panel right here the batteries included all you have to do is turn it on and pick your location that's it and so they're easy to pick up move around a couple of these are really neat they're interesting they're very interesting they're unique they're whimsical pick your favorite birdie pick a birdie for your friend for your mom for your sister um but but again you gotta remember this is wind and weather so those vibrant colors they're made for outside so you put these outside and they can withstand the the rain and the sun and the snow and they're going to stay this pretty for you so they're not going to fade but i just think i'm going to turn it to the side so you can see the different layers i mean there's a lot of intricate detail in these spinners absolutely yeah you're going to love them all right the item number again 739-328 we've got about a hundred of each so if you see one that sparks your fancy if you like the cardinal or if you like the flamingo or the peacock the hummingbird or the swan those are the five choices each one will have its own little solar stick it in the ground and watch it come to life you're gonna absolutely love it all right we're gonna move on and we're gonna keep that with us okay so with that i'm gonna step over here and of course it's getting it's not much better over here as far as me hearing you guys but i will do my best so i saw these before the show and all i'm telling you is they are absolutely adorable all right this is our wind and weather painted duck sculptures uh they are absolutely adorable you have you have mr duck or mrs duck whatever you want to call them and they have a little um umbrella on top of on top of them sorry guys i'm just having a really really hard time hearing anything out here but uh in fact that i'm going to let you go and you just talk about them but they're adorable i love them all right all right so these are super cute they have these are all metal and i do have them both sitting right here look how sweet they are um but you you're gonna get this umbrella and then you're gonna get your duck he's well he or she is gonna have their raincoat but then they have within the raincoat there's this detail in the pockets of flowers and butterflies and then they have the boots they're so cute and i don't know if you can see this close but they even have a little meadows metal silver zipper for their raincoat these are whimsical these are adorable and you can either stand them up i have them standing up right here these are about these are about three feet tall and then we're also going to give you these stakes and i'm going to pick one up for you because in the back here you do have a little ring area and if you want to anchor it in the ground in your garden or in your you know in a flower bed or something like that you can anchor it right in the ground but these these are precious i i actually use them in my front right in the front to my where the door where you where you come in that way when people walk up everybody sees them and everybody comments on them where did you get those those are so different and then remember again these are all metal and the intricate painting and everything made to withstand the weather so absolutely put these outside in your in your garden in your flower bed because they're they're going to last they're not these guys are not going to rust they're going to stay this cute season after season for you all right well here yeah there they are we've actually moved over here where we can hear a little bit better and i apologize to all my friends out there you know it's it's a lot of electronic stuff but it's much better over here these this thing is absolutely adorable all right if you don't have this in your garden right little duck in the garden it's got a little it's got a little umbrella over his head or her head and then she's got the look at the little rain boots down here i don't know if you can see the little boots on them they are absolutely adorable and you know what i love uh yvette all the painting obviously it's been hand done there's no way to get this like these little uh where it's weathered and all this stuff around the edges that all has to be sanded and look at the great colors you know your garden is about personality and if this ain't screaming personality i don't know what it is that it's adorable yeah it really is it has a ton of personality it has a lot of detail i know i'm not sure if you guys can see the detail in this but it is like just an artist just spent hours you know welding these together and then painting them they're they're so whimsical to look at they're gonna make you smile and you know they're they're they're something different i think it's kind of like something you find like at a cool antique store i think you know yeah exactly i mean look you know what it looks like it looks definitely looks like something handmade hand-painted yeah and by the way uh you know these are meant to be outside their wind and weather so don't think twice you could put it inside if you wanted to but look at that come on it says so much about you it's adorable if you want to get them 731-983 and by the way excuse me we also have the wind and weather uh duck foot planter and oh there it is over there so if you want to actually have a little duck with your favorite garden flower in it we got a whole hour of flowers coming up next hour you can do that it's only 14.95 uh event that's adorable i have my rosemary in here you know they're the perfect size for like a little three inch print i love them for i'm an herb girl i'll eat the herbs right off of the plant so here's my rosemary i keep that here it's also a really cute size for orchids so there's a couple of ideas that you can do with these they go great on a windowsill they'll um complement your little your little ducks with raincoats if you want you know you get a whole little decor idea going but more great stuff for and weather these are in indoor and out they still have that quality paint to them they are so charming between this and the ducks i mean i love the other duck i don't know what to say all right brand new that's a lot of ducks event it is it's a whole i don't know what you what is it a uh how many when your ducks are in a group what is it a gang of ducks i don't even gaggle that's geese lindsey all right i know what it is a whole lot of ducks that's what it is anyway you can grab that way you can thanks a bet we'll see you soon all right all right so i mentioned this in the beginning we had about 500 half already gone if you want an expandable fence i don't know when we're gonna bring this back i think we only got one order of these darin's over there he's the guy that brings the stuff and he's like ah this is it if you want to hide your garbage cans hide your recycle bins you want to create a trellis you want to put it above your head to give yourself sunshade on your pergola it's ideal it'll stretch in any direction that you want it to it comes with all the ties so you can tie it to an ugly chain link fence and make that look great hide your pool equipment right if you've got pool filters you could do that it's flexible so it'll go around corners if you want i bought it you know where i use it underneath my deck there's about a two and a half foot um like rise under the deck and i just nailed it right to it and i have it like this all the way under the it looks so nice my neighbors are like oh my gosh that's awesome and no maintenance it's gorgeous so we'll let you know when that sells out don't forget the ireach ladder is coming up in just a bit as well we are excited about that but we're gonna move right into our next item so um father's day is coming up in june there we go father's day is coming up sunday is it june 20th all right just in case anybody uh yeah i only got one kid maybe he's watching i doubt it but i'll remind him so i got the perfect father's day or mother's day gift for you and it comes to us from our friends at sun joe so you know when you use your regular garden hose you know when you use your regular garden hose i can't go anywhere here either uh you know you try to put your thumb over the end to try to get pressure well when you do that you really only double the amount of pressure that's coming out of your hose so you take it from about 60 psi up to maybe a little over a hundred what if i had a way what if i had a way to be able to increase your pressure six times but take a regular garden nose or even use a bucket of water because you can draw water from anything and attach it to the power sprayer from sun joe it'll get it up to 300 psi so now you can power wash anything it is a this day only it is absolutely one of the coolest items to come along in a long time comes with a two-year warranty you have 24 volts of power so you don't have to have this plugged in all you need to do is have it plugged into a water source you could plug your garden hose into it or you could take the siphon hose and you could put this in a pool and you could use this you could put it in a lake in a pond or you could put it in a five gallon bucket so now if you don't have access to water you bring a bucket of water and you can utilize this it is unbelievable you're going to get great things to go with it this is the five tip sprayer so whether you want to go fan spray sprinkle spray mister you can utilize that you just run turn the dial this is your extender wand right here and this is a scrub brush so if you want to wash the car this is your car washer in fact i got one for danny he runs a little car wash business he absolutely loves this thing you're getting a great 24 volt battery all you do is open it up i'll show you how easy because i own this you open it up you take your battery all right lock it in put the lid on and now listen i have got a power sprayer with no cords and this will run for 30 to 40 minutes on a charge it's unbelievable so all i have to do is plug my garden those in and wash my car soap my car scrub my car it's unbelievable the reason i pick it for father's day is i own this i would i would have i already own it but i would love this as a father's day gift item number 691-879 and bobby is back and standing by bobby what a cool item this is guy this is super amazing and before we get into all these demoing let me just set the stage really quickly okay you've got your regular garden hose this gives you about 40 to 50 psi that's pressure that's power you've got your pressure washer these are the big guys the big guns this is like 2 000 psi they both have their place this is about 300 psi so what is this this is the in between great option for all the things that this doesn't give you enough quite power enough for it this is going to do and for all the things that this is too much power for too much of a pain to pull out that's what this does i've got it connected to a garden hose i'm getting 350 psi i pull the trigger it has so many uses like you said guy i could be out here rinsing my car i had a little soap earlier and i'm just going to use the spray one and by the way this comes with a nice feather bristle brush right here so you could soap it up first and get all that dirt and the oil and the brake dust and then go through with your power sprayer and then just clean that stuff up nice and easy and again this is a 24 volt battery so what does that mean that means if you own one of the other sun joe products now you've got a backup battery how about those chairs and that patio furniture by the way right now i've got it on the 25 we've got a nozzle here that goes five different ways so you've got that patio furniture it's just starting to look a little bit old a little bit stale you just get in there no work no effort i'm just letting my power sprayer from just kind of basically get in and do the work for me right look at that look at the mud on their bricks you've got pavers you've got patio bricks in your front yard or your side yard again this has given me all the power that i need i've pulled my safety trigger pull the trigger lightweight just over six and a half pounds and look how quickly i just made short work of those pavers guy love it you know bobby i've got one i've got one here i'm gonna have to guys bear with me i gotta take my earpiece out to do this because we're getting so much static out here but anyway uh i've got mine in my hand right here to give you an idea it's lightweight it's not heavy you know with a pressure washer you got to drag it wherever you go and it can be kind of a nightmare i don't have to deal with that and notice it's quiet until i hit the button automatically turns on and i'm drawing water out of a five gallon bucket so if you're washing your car and you don't have access to you know to a garden hose you don't even have to plug a hose into it and then if i want to clean all i do is use it and i've got it on the spray model right here and it'll build up pressure six times the amount of pressure of a regular garden nose and all i'm doing is giving it a little squeeze if you want to use this to wash your windows it's ideal for that 89 is such a steal for this if i want to rinse off the garbage cans look at how easy it does that and remember i'm drawing water right out of a right out of a bucket i don't even have a garden nose here if i want to clean off my pavers i can do that as well very very easily again you're getting six times the amount of pressure of a regular garden nose and that's it now if i wanted to hook it up to the hose all i do is it's a quick quick connect right here i disconnect this and then i could plug it right into the garden nose so any water source will work if you live near a lake boaters love this so they can rinse off the boat after they leave if they've got any dirt or mud if you wash your car you will absolutely love it for that as well and it automatically just takes the power of your hose and cranks it up six times it's really really cool we have a very limited number of these if you want to get it item 691-879 bobby i'm going to hand it back to you for more demos such a cool item absolutely and our thanks to sanjo for kind of coming up with these problem solutions these answers to like what is that in between this is your in between for those cleaning jobs so here's the next and very important point i want to make with this now you are mobile you're not plugging this in with electric it's battery operated the battery goes right in there it's a 24 volt sun joe battery wherever you can get access to a water source right now i just have a bucket we give you this hose the hose has the floater it has the connector so basically i am portable now i'm not working off a spigot i'm planting my welcome mat from a five gallon bucket of water so if you've got a boat you go to the marina and you want to wash down your boat just slip that sucker right there in the water and there's your source again here's some example of maybe your back patio or your decking i mean look at that mud on there again this is not from the spigot this power is coming right from my son joe's power sprayer through the bucket with the included hose now you know me i got the kiddos how about a day at the beach they come back all their toys are all sandy and dirty and grimy i'm not using this to clean some of those things off or you've got the cooler of funding on the beach get that sucker all cleaned off and then they've got all their toys inside you know just start rinsing away and watch that dirt and that grind just simply go away because it just has a multitude of uses now god i can switch this to a to a even more powerful this is a zero i mean look at this guy this gets right down in there for kind of a more intense cleaning you can see i'll go one line at a time and see how that does i can change it again to another setting now this one is like a nice and light spray what's this i could actually use this to water my flowers if i wanted to i've got a nice little fountain here it's always running out of water i could fill my fountain up right here my nice uh my my entryway fountain or do my driveway with something a little bit more powerful like when we go to the zeros if you've got exciting aluminum siding or stucco look how well your sun joe power sprayer just immediately rinses off that dirt that duck that grind that slime all the way clean so again here's a little my kiddos bike look at the mud just coming off and i'm only at the 25 degree nozzle and here's an important point guys you know when you buy a pressure washer you have to buy all those separate different nozzles this is a five in one so that's another built-in value already there you have five different clickable changeable pressures or sprays that you can do again a source of water anywhere you go whether it's the marina the river the pond you dunk your floater in there you don't even need to spig it if you want to use the garden hose you can you get five to six times the pressure of a regular garden hose so this is an unbelievable buy in my opinion yeah and you know what bobby it's it literally it's about half the price of a pressure washer and here's the thing with pre don't get me wrong i own a pressure washer i don't wash my car with it because you have to be very careful with that kind of pressure when you're up at you know 1800 psi that'll take the paint off stuff so you have to be very careful that's why i love this for washing cars i love it for washing the siding on a house if i wash my house with a pressure washer the paint's going to come off all right so you don't want to mess around that this is the perfect amount of power and that scrub brush bobby makes it so easy so if you've got a you know if you've got rvs if you've got suvs whatever it is you know atvs you can use it on anything all right to be able to clean the adjustable nozzle will give you that laser if you need it but it'll also give you the fan so realistically you've got lots of options 89 and 95 cents is this day only bob you've got about 20 seconds left i'll let you wrap it up bud okay again this is your son joe power sprayer it's that perfect in between flame and you don't need to bring out the big heavy duty serious pressure washer and you need just a little bit more power than you get with a regular garden hose at 50 psi bring this guy out and get 275 up to a maximum of 350 psi power to simply easily conveniently and efficiently clean off your patio furniture or your boats your rvs your bikes your motorcycles your campers i could go on and on and on by all the uses but definitely a great thing to have and keep in mind that sun joe battery that we give you that's 60 bucks a line itself so a really great value today bobby you do an amazing job as always we appreciate you buddy 89.95 write down the item number 691-879 we'll see you again soon buddy and remember you get all these tools to go along with it all right remember our big pick of the hour is coming up it's that amazing ladder you're already loving it we'll be right back with more guys in the garden stick around lancome paris on hsn ingredients that are rich in tradition born from the clouds and foothills of the himalayan mountains clean beauty that protects nourishes and repairs hair and skin shop the tweaked by nature beauty collection on hsn and hsn.com as the covid19 vaccines become available you may have questions and that's normal so for the latest information visit getvaccineanswers.org it's up to you all right so you know every hour that we do our gardening show i always have a big pick right and i think it's a thing most people probably could use more than anything else so in this case it is a ladder now we all need ladders right indoors outdoors whether you're you know cleaning out the gutters or you're inside doing a painting job are you gonna get something up on a shelf the idea is why do we need five different ladders to do that because most of us will have the little step stool we have an indoor ladder maybe we have a tripod ladder we have a big ladder and most of those are all kept out in the garage or the shed what if i told you this ladder that's right next to me is all of those it is all of those in one compact little package it is the ireach telescoping a-frame ladder this will go from being a stand-up ladder up to 12 feet to a ladder that will will tripod to 60 or 5 feet or four feet or three feet because it's telescoping it goes up or down any way you need to use it it is aluminum construction one of the highest rated ladders you will find out there for safety and security so if you're worried about that don't be worried about it i own i don't own this exact ladder i own the original ireach which does an a-frame it's just a straight ladder i'm going to get this one as well because i use my a-frame ladder more than anything else a little more stable but the nice part is i've got an entire ladder here this is an entire look it's already telescoping i have an entire ladder here that i can telescope to any angle i can look i can raise it up as high as i need it and it telescopes and locks in if i want to raise if i want to open it up into my tripod ladder there there's my tripod ladder right there open it up there you go so now i've got it has to lock to get it locked on this side here we go so now i've got my tripod ladder i can use indoors or i can use outdoors this way and remember the whole thing will collapse and then i can flip it over and i can use it as straight ladder which will go up to 12 feet free shipping and handling on this let me get linda lyday out here she's going to tell us all about this ladder why we love it and she's a contractor so she knows a lot about ladders hi linda welcome back hey hey guy yeah well how about this i'm five foot six right i have been i i've had to get on ladders my entire life and i'm either having an extension ladder or i'm jockeying through extension ladder to a-frame ladder now the difference between an extension ladder and a-frame ladder is well extension ladder you have to you know put it up against something like this right but if you have an a-frame ladder and you have a ceiling fan and you want to dust up on top of there you need a ladder that goes in the middle of the room this is the a-frame ladder now let me show you what i'm talking about when i talk about telescoping you're going to hear clicks now listen to that those clicks are each one of these rungs clicking into place all right now what you're going to do is you're going to open it up like this and i'm going to turn it around to you so you can see the support bar on the bottom this is where i enter our board on my ladder on this side because this is the support this keeps it what i like about this is it keeps it from moving i love anything that's going to give me any type of stability and when it comes to ladder guy i want to make sure that i'm safe but here's a really neat thing now this has a release lever bar like this so i can like fold it up and then i can when this clicks into place notice how the bar goes down how about though guy if those of you who are maybe pain inside of your home and you have stairs and you're like oh do i need to put a platform watch this i'm going to collapse this one side down you know why because i can because this is a telescoping ladder not only is it telescoping going up but it's also telescoping so now i have an a-frame ladder that can go safely on top of stairs i can paint but guess what it unfolds and then it goes into a 12-foot extension ladder come over here let me show you what i'm talking about this is fully extended 12 feet i can now easily safely get up on my roof get on the make sure that the leaves are out of the gutter i can do all my spring cleaning and my spring work easy inside my home outside of my home and i can do it very very safely the other thing i want to show you is this now look look at this little icon see this for somebody who has a tough time with ladders sometimes because i'm like i just have to make sure they're safe this isn't a locking position if it wasn't locked it would show this right here see that but when it's locked into place it goes here so every single time that i go up on this ladder i get to look and make sure hey is this ladder locked into place so again you're going to board it on the support bar side and you're going to be able to go up as much as you'll need to in in the middle of your room if you want but that's an incredible thing that you get an a-frame and an extension ladder all in one and when it's time to collapse it you use your release bar and then you bring it around and each one of those little locking things i'm gonna unlock it this way this way this way and on this side and then it collapses it'll collapse down to 33 inches and it weighs less than 28 pounds best ladder ever it's so many ladders you know what i mean linda i mean it's multiple ladders built into one it is very very highly rated for safety and security uh you know it's not like the flimsy aluminum ladders you know i had a i had an a-frame ladder one of those blue ones i got at the home store and it's made of it's kind of a plasticky material and i remember i was cleaning my gutters and it actually started sinking in the ground and i had to jump off the ladder it could be very dangerous you don't want a ladder that's cheaply made you'll spend a little bit more on this ladder 159 but remember it's a bunch of different ladders as one in one and you can see how we set it up there how else would you be able to reach you know something up under the deck there if you weren't able to adjust one side of the ladder like that and it's completely safe and secure in fact i will uh i want to walk over there but i'm going to drop my ladder here and i want you to see that we've actually skipped two two levels of the stairs and we have our ladder all ready to go so now if we wanted to to climb this ladder to do something here we could do that otherwise it would be very difficult especially like in my house where i have big giant shrubs in the front of my house you can't put a ladder on them you need to actually get up and you need to angle off the stairs to get up there you can do that as well it's why i say it's a ladder that becomes so many different ladders and remember when you want to elevate it all you do is you just grab it wherever you need to and you just lift it and i'll show you i'm not sure which camera we're looking at but that's basically it all right and when you hear it lock and they all locked at the same time then you can open it up and you'll hear it lock again and there is your tripod ladder so you can have a six foot five foot four foot as high as you need it because you can adjust each one of the rungs it is my pick of this hour because i think it's brilliant i own i don't own the tripod i own just the straight ladder i wish this was around but this is this just came out relatively recently so i bought the one last year and i still love it i use it indoors and outdoors but the real key is linda i have a ladder that i don't have to keep outside in a garage i don't have to keep it out in the shed i can take it and put it in the trunk of my car i don't need an suv or a pickup truck to take a ladder to go help somebody out i could stick it right in the trunk of the car because the whole thing look at how cute that duck looks there look at that that's a little duck if you still want to buy the duck we have the little duck with the umbrella we still have those available that is so cute but you know it gives you access to places you would never have access this is about as professional grade as we carry here and i know it's got all the safety labels written on it linda maybe you could talk to that for a sec yeah guy absolutely so i used to teach carpentry at the union school right up in new york one of the things that we always made sure is that things were osha right they were osha certified occupational health and safety administration that they're giving it their thumbprint their their thumbs up saying this is safe safety is everything when it comes to working right and especially when it comes to ladder never buy a ladder unless it has that on it okay but what i like about this i have a little carrying handle right here and then i could it's less than 28 pounds it's 33 inches down now watch this hook and loop i undo this and i bring this straight up in the air and look now i have my six foot ladder also when i put this open into the a-frame frame this lever right here locks into place you heard all the clicking the clicking no that that clicking noise is actually my friend to be honest with you because when you hear that clicking you know that this is now all the rungs are clicked into place but if you want to extend it i can go up to 12 feet heck i don't even need to go to 12 feet i could go to 10 feet this is all the way up 12 feet high and now i can go up and get on the side of my house i can clean my gutters i can get on my roof i can do it easily safely and here's the thing let me just show you something right i'm five foot six i'm not a big old guy right but look how easy this is look how lightweight this is i can maneuver this anywhere i want to because it's lightweight this is made out of heavy duty aluminum because it is aluminum it's lightweight yet strong let me show you one more time too how you can put it on because i love this part guy i love being able to put it on the stairs when you have stairs just collapse the one side that it's going on the stairs so i'm gonna collapse this side i unlock these and you'll see it start to collapse down and now i just pick it up and i bring it right up here and now i have my apron safely peace of mind i didn't have to like you know jerry rig some kind of weird platform that's not safe perfectly safe and perfectly even just love it you know as i said it's so many different ladders in one and a lot of people don't have room for all these different ladders right i mean think about it this ladder just hold on one sec i'm gonna grab this one this ladder and this ladder same ladder all right this is the same ladder that i have right here so it gives you an idea of how easy this is to store this would be a great mother's or father's day gift as well if you want to get something nice for mom or dad or grandma or grandpa we just took this from the tripod and we just all we did is unlock it and we stretched it out now we've got a 12 foot ladder so you can see how easily we can reach the second story all with the same ladder that collapses down upon itself it is a brilliant design as i said before i bought this in just the regular eye reach ladder and i love it the brand new um a-frame design is even smarter than that because now i have a ladder that can go anywhere and be anything that i need it to be and then again what's the weight on this there like under 40 pounds yeah it's like 35 pounds 36 pounds or something like that i can take the same ladder wherever i need to go if i need to pop it in the trunk of the car i can put it in the trunk of the car i could put it in a closet how many of you can do that how many can you take this ladder and put it in a closet impossible yet it has all those great safety ratings so you know you're getting a ladder that you can count on you're getting a ladder that's easy to store away one that's going to last you year after year after year and if you live in an apartment or a tight space you'll love having this light i love this this is the best footage linda right here look at this lady doing her business absolutely this is great you know what i mean if you have a mini cooper a little vw beetle imagine being able to like carve around oh yeah i'll bring my 12 foot extension ladder i'll bring my six foot how you going to bring it i'm just going to pop it in the back of my little beetle imagine that because this collapses down to 33 inches and the sideways has a footprint of six inches but all you do is when you are ready to go you just take out that hook and loop that's holding it together you release that and you pull it up because it is a telescoping ladder very very easy to do all you're going to do is you're going to release it and then pull it straight up in the air and when it's time to fold it up you do just the opposite you just literally you know unclick those locks and then put it down but man oh man six foot ladder five foot ladder if you want one two three four five easy and i'm going to just bring it out i do the release lever i bring it out i board on the side of the support bar and there you have it if i want to go on the extension ladder i extend it to 12 feet 5 feet 9 feet whatever you want love it but think about that flexibility you have linda awesome between the no more bugs and that you're going to be set all summer you'll be good to go right absolutely guys all right thank you so much four 728-049 if you want to order that go right ahead you're gonna love it oh look my blue bird the birds are coming look it's my little my little blue bird here fly bluebird fly there you go lindsay all right welcome back to our second hour hey really quickly um a couple items i want to mention that we're not going to air but we do have a few available pat i don't have much of the uh no dig edging left right there's 150 this i own it uh you should see the picture in my backyard with my no dig edging uh you will never have to trench all you do is lay it down wherever you need and you get a bonus spikes to go with it when i first ordered it you only got like 24 spikes now i think you get 36.

You just pounded it there's my yard you want to see my backyard there it is no dig edging nice job guys thanks for pulling that up look at how clean that is you get 50 feet of the stuff and all the spikes you will need if you want to create an oasis a perfect edge watch this video so easy and by the way you only have to nail the spikes in about every six holes i used to when you're going around a corner you put a few extra then pull your mulch up you can trim it to fit i have it available i think it's only available in the dark gray which doesn't really matter because once you cover it up once you cover it up you can't see anything but i love no dig edging it's one of my faves always been one of my big picks last hundred left if you want to get it and if you want the expandable fence where is it behind me well here come on back i'll show it to you so the expandable fence is a way to

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