How to start a solar business.. watch CEO of solarcity explaining(part -1).. by vibesElon

so I thought it may be interesting for
me just to start off why I got into the business and we are so the opportunity
so back in 2004 is where the idea came up I was unwrapped to Burning Man with
my my cousin who this room goes silent but a man's actually very fun place
there's a lot of Sun and creative ideas come out of their tune anyway so we had
a software company doing enterprise software and it has its need but it gets
boring after well after managing that company for for eight years really
wanted to try something new my brother and I are extremely passionate about the
environment we realized that one area that has the ability to scale and
continue to scale is is solar so we looked at the value chain and thought
where would be where could we add the most value we went to the solar power
conference in DC in 2005 the conference was tiny
total attendance was about five to eight hundred people so really really small
and most people there most people there was was focused on technology and we're
in one room and the question came up to the installers what are you doing to
reduce your cost and the answer was we waiting for the technology to drop their
price that sounds like an opportunity to me if everybody's focused on technology
and no one's focused on delivery how's this gonna play out
we had the opportunity to go into technology that's a very risky bet
because you're betting on something and eventually is gonna come down to the
lowest cost highest quality kilowatt that's the technology that's gonna win
so unless you are true technology genius and can come up with that answer that's
a big bet because then you be betting on someone ass I'm not a technology
technologist I'm a business person so it doesn't have the skill in that area but
then we realize that delivery is the most fragmented
no one's focused on it and is the area that needs most support so we started
Solar City and the vision was pretty simple make solar affordable and cause
large adoption if you can't make if it's not affordable adoption one occur if
adoption doesn't occur we don't solve the problem

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