How to: Solar Panel Bypass Diode Repair

Welcome all to solar panel repair ! And welcome to the solar panel repair video, These are my solar panels that charge my power wall, I have another one to fix and put here, let me show you It's polycrystalline 30V 200W, let's open This As you can see I've been damaged by lightning, and these binaries are absolutely destroyed Lets look at the other side No sign of damage there so that's a good thing I'm going to clean these up and we'll be back There we go I've cleaned it I also use a copper wire wheel and my digger cleans the black metal Now the purpose of these binaries is if one of the panels is shaded or partially shaded in the series, the diode will bypass the current instead of damaging the board, These are 10 amp Schottky diodes which you can find on eBay listed as solar panel bypass diodes, I bend the nails into shape and trim them, And try to get one of them Either you get in well or you sit there a little, Try some pliers here, Well, I'll put the rest of those and I'll be back to There we go they're all sitting a bit weak, so I'll go and weld them and then we'll come back again No problem with any connections, so I'm happy Because it looks cute and solid as structural integrity was compromised reinforced by some silicone And that's it.

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